Aurélie, Managing director, writer, content creator

Aurélie, joint managing director of Biovie, is a symbol of entrepreneurial daring and innovation in the field of health and living foods. Aurélie is also the author of books for the general public, such as "Mes semaines toutes crues" and "Cuisiner les algues", published by Marie Claire, and director of the "La crusine des enfants" collective.
She is also the founder of the FemmaSutra programme, dedicated to women's self-fulfilment.

Her self-taught career path, which has had its ups and downs, is now crowned with success, her role as mother of three while also being friend and mother-in-law to three stepchildren, is a perfect illustration of her ability to juggle family responsibilities with professional self-fulfilment. Her life is a celebration of female entrepreneurship, and proof that social barriers can be transcended.