The first French online hygienist naturopathy school!

The first French online hygienist naturopathy school!

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We are pleased to collaborate with Eric Darche for several years. Eric has a long, practical experience of Naturopathy, which he has especially recorded in his last book. We followed his long project to create a Hygienist Naturopathy school. After 27 years of experience and the writing of 9 books on health, the Hygienist-Naturopath Eric Darche, opened on January 1, 2021, ENHED School (Ecole de Naturopathie et d’Hygiénisme Eric Darche).

This school offers a training in connection with the fundamentals of hygienicism and naturopathy, cleared of its "dogmas" or obsolete, blurred or false information; all combined with the most recent and uncompromising scientific knowledge due to conflicts of interests.

On the other hand, this school wishes students to develop real common sense, authenticity in all things, accuracy, beauty, the noble, harmony, balance, integrity and respect for life in its broadest sense, as well as critical sense.

At the same time, this school is also intended for anyone who wants to show openness, empathy for others and for life, but also for seriousness and rigour in his/her process of learning naturopathy and hygienicism.

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