One day, we go from childhood to adult life

One day, we go from childhood to adult life

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One day, we go from childhood to adult life.

This day, we recognized it when we have control over our acts, when we can decide for ourselves, without having to refer to others.  Today, two options are offered to us: to keep going in line with what we have always learned or run away and choose not to live completely like everyone else.

That day, I decided to choose the second option.

On that day, I decided to inquire in order to understand the running of life, implying that my life changes and takes side roads.

When I felt my belly inhabited by a new being, I wanted to welcome it in a way of life filled with meaning. In order to start this ambitious project, I wanted to live my childbirth as a full player.

I also took advantage of the nine months that had been granted to me to understand how not to fall into hypermedicalization. I didn’t want my pregnancy, though complicated, to determine my birth and whatever I can expect, I wanted the first moments of meeting with my daughter to be bathed by the lot of natural hormones that follow us since the dawn of time.

For nine months, I eagerly read everything that could teach me to live a childbirth and especially what would allow me not to interfere it.

I learned that nature was well done and that hormonal changes were there to ensure contractions, support pain, allow expulsion.

I learned that it was for the baby to decide on its release and that it was him/her who gave the go-ahead.

I learned that the miracle could occur in peace, security, gentleness and twilight.

I learned that entering my bubble was essential and that I had to surround myself with people protecting it.

I learned enough to begin to free myself from fear and trust in life. So, when the moment came, I was ready not to suffer; I was ready to be deep down inside myself in all circumstances; I was ready to give birth and not to be delivered.

And the first moments were magical, supervised by the wisdom of life in the midst of the hospital world. My child was in my arms and should not leave them for several months.

Blind, not yet prepared to be a mother – but are we ever? – I felt that I had to continue to carry, sing, breastfeed this smaller than me, holder of a wisdom, which seemed infinite to me. I applied, without my knowledge, the principles of the continuum...

To complete this picture so legitimate for me, it seemed obvious to me that we had to eat what was right for us.

Why spend time developing complex recipes, then energy to cook them? Was it necessary for our life? Some research later, I understood that it was nothing, that all other species on Earth lived without cooking food, and that the elimination of industrial products at least enabled better health.

I was still learning that our body was still not adapted to this food style, so recent in our lives.

I also learned that cooking not only doesn't serve us but served us badly.

I learned that the wisdom of life existed here as well and that one could trust oneself when food was healthy, natural, raw.

I was constantly watching and learning from this toddler, so close to her deep nature and the life flowing in her veins.

However, in many areas, I wondered...

How did my child live her emotions? How could I help her, often embarrassed by mine?

I then set off again in search… Was the wisdom of life appropriate in this regard too?

Once again, my discoveries made me happy! Our nature was so well done that when I let an emotion emerge, letting it penetrate my body as it seemed good to do to it, while observing it from far, without identifying me with it, then it changed. That moment of intensity that my daughter lived when a drama occurred in her life, so quickly passed when she was fully welcomed, was also the solution for me.

Finally, I observed that in all areas of life it was possible to trust life, not to seek control or to impose.

That day, when I passed from childhood to adulthood, I chose trust and anti-conformism, for the good of life.

I immediately became obvious that I wanted to share this trust and knowledge gained on the path of my quest. That is why I created ReNaITS – Retrouver sa Nature Intérieure, Terreste et Sensible– which allows me to offer support and to transmit this wisdom of life, while surrounding the sweetness that we all deserve to meet, us and our children.

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