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The view improves greatly with juices, it is necessary to repeat these juices daily for some time to have good results. Eyes, but also skin are the reflection of the liver. The ears also because otitis for a child is always a sign of liver overload and inflammation.

Juices do a huge work on the liver, which also relieves the eyes, but also more directly, some juices are particularly addressed to the eyes. This is the case for combinations such as broccoli, orange, carrot, pineapple or apple, associated with blueberry or blackcurrant for example, in which we can add juniper berries or other draining plants. Below you will find some additional exercises. Indeed, with the time spent in front of the screens, it is high time to take care of our precious eyes.


Start with a 'draining' (we shake hands as to get rid of something and make clear space to better mobilise energy in our hands), then, with a 'palming'.

Palming is a posture leading to slackening and relaxation of the eyes: you rub both hands against each other in a circular movement to increase the concentration of energy, then you place the palms of the hands in shells on the eyes so as to make a blackroom, to make the eyes taking advantage from the activated energy and to get the relaxation and ease of the eye tensions by having absolutely nothing at all to look at.

  • Run your eyes 12 times in one direction, 12 times in the other, by blinking eyelids.
  • Imagine that your eyes are brushes and you are painting a wall by making horizontal strips, then vertical ones. You're going to insist on the ends.
  • Closed eyelids, draw an 'eight' with your eyes.
  • Outside: look at an object in front of you, then look at the horizon, follow the horizon line from one side to another without moving the head of course.
  • Have a squint all the way down, and lift your eyes all the way up and repeat 4 or 5 times.
  • Describe standing 8's and lying 8's, 8 in a row, one way, then 8 in the other.
  • Fix your eyes on an imaginary clock dial: at noon, then go down at 6 p.m., then at 9 a.m., then at 3 a.m., etc. Repeat for 2 minutes
  • Imagine a square as large as possible in front of you, stand on the corner at the top right, count 25 seconds, then go to the opposite corner, at the bottom left, 25 seconds, then at the top left idem, then at the bottom right, for the same amount of time.
  • Finally, make zigzags from one edge to another, vertically then horizontally.
  • Finish with a draining and palming.


Make a gentle massage by smoothing the eyebrow arcades, then looking for painful points, apply repeated pressure on the sensitive areas along the arcades then at the top of the cheekbones, and finish by slowly passing your hands on your face and then rubbing your ears.

All the organs are represented in the lobe of your ears, so you activate the life force in all your organs.

You can find these exercises and many others in the book of André and Jeanine Passebecq “la santé des yeux”. You also have it on YouTube, by typing: "Qi gong of the eyes", with more intense massages from the supra and suborbital region, and " tappings" which are also very advantageous.

This article is excerpted from an upcoming book: “Le livre de Vie” on the alchemy of juices: Agnès Durand shares a teaching received for several years, which revolutionizes the criteria, which supervise our dietary choices and enable to highlight how to access the therapeutic properties of fruit and vegetable combinations, as well as their informational dimension.

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