First international training in natural sleep management

First international training in natural sleep management

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Véronique Bellemare, M.A., N.D., S.E.S
and Graduate in Health and Food Management
President of SOMNA Institute
for the natural management of sleep & health 
Somno-pedagogue and Somno-therapist of insomnia
Member of the Canadian Society for Sleep, of the Sleep Foundation,
of the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Rythm Network and of the Canadian De-prescription Network

There is currently an unprecedented peak of sleep difficulties in people of all ages and a flagrant lack of resources to accompany them. To meet these needs, SOMNA Institute has just launched the very first international training in natural management (somno-pedagogy / somno-therapy), accessible to participants from all the French-speaking countries!

This new multidisciplinary training uses various tools and approaches primarily from natural medicines to work holistically and customized on the source(s) of the problem rather than on symptoms. It addresses various themes, enabling to manage sleep naturally from birth to adulthood.

It was after having suffered chronic insomnia for more than 20 years and having finally solved its problem thanks to a combination of natural techniques that the designer of this formation, Véronique Bellemare Brière, M.A., N.D., S.E.S., founded SOMNA institute. Since then, she has been trained in the management of health and nutrition, as well as in naturopathy, and has developed a comprehensive, complete, flexible and effective approach to somno-pedagogy / somno-therapy. She accompanied, in consultation, people of all ages around the world, presented multiple lectures and published about fifteen books. She is a regular guest at Radio-Canada.

Member of the Canadian Society for Sleep, the Sleep Foundation, the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Network, the Canadian De-prescription Network and the Educated Society, she also holds a license from the College of Naturopaths of Quebec. Main tutor, she also receives guest co-trainers for some seminars; specialists recognized in their discipline.

Presented in live virtual class, in semi-private, dynamic and interactive mode, this first international training in natural sleep management (somno-pedagogy / somno-therapy) allows participants to develop their skills both on professional and/or personal levels. Already recognized by 10 health associations, it can count as hours of continuous training and be also very relevant to a professional, wishing to expan his expertise to better serve his clients, as well as for public people who have a problem in relation to sleep management or who wish to find their course or retrain professionally towards an innovative specialty and a booming field.

  • No necessary prerequisites;
  • Limited number of places;
  • Highly preferential rates are currently available to the first registered ones;
  • Attractive Euro exchange rates;
  • You can follow the seminars on demand or in their entirety to obtain the final certificate.
  • Welcome to the participants of the whole French-speaking countries!
  • Starting on September 19, 2020 with the seminar 'Naturally stimulating the sleep hormones'.
  • Details and inscriptions on this link: somna

Les clefs de la gestion naturelle du sommeil

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