Discover the best natural tools for stress and sleep management

Discover the best natural tools for stress and sleep management

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Addressing a range of natural stress and sleep management techniques, this new training is all indicated for anyone who wants to develop personal and/or professional skills by discovering practical and easily usable inner tools, with proven and now widely recognized efficiency.

During this very rich and complete training, participants will thus discover the basics of meditation, mindfulness, visualization, breath control, cardiac coherence, non-violent communication, Schultz autogenic training method, Jacobson progressive muscle relaxation, self-hypnosis and sophrology, as many tools to better manage stress and sleep or help other to manage them.

The sophrologist Elisabeth Danis will invite participants to explore the evolution of the brain and its response to stress; the hormone of waking and stress and the ways in which it can be balanced through these techniques of breathing, relaxation, visualization and emotional management, also allowing better control of mental ruminations that are often causing insomnia.

Graduate of sophrology, Elisabeth Danis is trained in conscious communication, she is pleased to share her experience and tools that help harmonize the body, mind and emotions, to find access to our resources back in order to promote life, relaxation and sleep.

Presented in live virtual class, in semi-private, dynamic and interactive mode, this clinical workshop is part of the first international training in natural sleep management (somno-pedagogy / somno-therapy). Already recognized by 10 health associations, it can count as hours of continuous training and be also very relevant to a professional wishing to expand his expertise to better serve his clients, as well as for public people who have a problem in relation to sleep management or who wish to find their course or retrain professionally towards an innovative specialty and a booming field.

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