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Menopause Metamorphosis - Pascaline Lumbroso

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Program dedicated to women aged 35/40 and older who wish to prepare for perimenopause by integrating it harmoniously into their lives. A 5-week support program to familiarize yourself with your menstrual cycle, understand and address present and future imbalances in the main areas of your life:
- self-confidence and self-love
- diet
- connection to the physical body and sexuality
- feminine energy, emotional well-being

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Approach menopause serenely and reveal your true feminine potential!
Menopause is prepared for about ten years before its onset. It's a transformative passage that doesn't happen overnight and involves many areas of your daily life. Let's navigate through it with confidence and become the powerful and free woman you are.

This program is for you if:
- you seek well-researched, quality information
- you're looking for support, sharing, guidance as you approach this stage of life
- you reject the most common stereotypes in our society about the subject
- you approach reconnecting with your body and vitality with optimism

In summary, if you want to navigate towards this second spring with understanding, confidence, joy, power, and gentleness all at once.

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Program in 5 modules to be done at your own pace. Contains videos, audios, summary sheets, a reflection booklet.

Pascaline Lumbroso has been accompanying women for over 13 years. Initially trained in naturopathy and shiatsu, she feels the desire to share her experience as a woman, to disseminate her knowledge, thus contributing, with all women, to the flourishing of the Feminine in the World. She has written a book "Menopause Metamorphosis" (which is a preview of this training), hosts women's circles, and offers individual sessions to deepen and personalize her support.

To discover a little more about her, attend her discussion on the subject with Aurélie:

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