Ecofiltro wooden elevator stand

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Wooden base to elevate the Ecofiltro. Provides easier access to the tap, stability, and elegance.

Available in two different sizes for the 5L and 20L - choose below!

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Ecofiltro - Ecological wooden stand

Wooden stand for elevating the Ecofiltro water filter, facilitating easy access to the spout. This stand has been handcrafted using laser cutting, designed to provide perfect stability and an elegant appearance to your Ecofiltro.

It allows you to place the Ecofiltro anywhere without risk.
Without this base, it is preferable to place the Ecofiltro on the edge of a flat surface to easily dispense water into a glass or bottle directly underneath the tap.

The shape and texture of the wood will bring a warm ambiance to your interior and perfectly match the curves of the Ecofiltro's steel containers. As wood is a natural product, its color and texture may vary compared to the photos.

There are 2 stands available in different sizes for the 2 capacities of the Ecofiltro ecological filter. Choose the one suited to your filter!


The journey began with Dr. Fernando Mazariegos in Guatemala in the 1990s. He was tasked by the Inter-American Development Bank with finding a simple, sustainable, and economical way to purify water for Latin American populations who lacked access to this vital resource.

He closely observed indigenous populations and made it a point to use local resources and technologies. After numerous trials in his research center, he developed the Ecofiltro filter: "We did not invent filtration, but we worked on the technological development applied to the use of materials and substances that enhance the process."

Due to its simplicity and low cost, it quickly gained popularity. However, the project, initially funded solely by donations, could not develop further. Therefore, in 2000, Ecofiltro became a socially responsible non-profit organization that contributes to improving living and health conditions while combating environmental pollution from plastic.
A few years later, in 2009, the organization transformed into a socially responsible company and expanded its production to other regions of the world. The profits generated in wealthier countries enabled the provision of purified water to regions that could not afford it.
From 2014 to 2022, this operation allowed the distribution of 33,751 Ecofiltros to 6,210 schools.

In 2020, the company obtained BCorp certification, acknowledging their efforts to combat the consequences of climate change and their unconditional social and environmental commitment.
*BCorp is one of the most significant labels certifying companies that aim for a benefit for all—social, environmental, and economic—in full transparency to the public.

Today, Ecofiltro is present worldwide and continues its fight for ecological, economical, plastic-free access to 100% pure filtered water.logo ecofiltro biovie

- Dimensions:

5L: 13.4 cm in height x 24.2 cm in diameter
20L: 13.8 cm in height x 39.1 cm in diameter

- Materials: wood.
Laser cut.

- Made in Guatemala.

Shipped flat, 2 pieces to assemble.

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