Eco-friendly Water Filtration
Ecological shower filter
Filtered Water Organic Carbon Coconut
Eco-friendly Water Filtration
Ecological shower filter
Filtered Water Organic Carbon Coconut

Refill for shower filter

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12 × 7 cm (L × W)

Addition to the filter

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Refill for shower filter

This intem is a refill for the shower filter, it is not usable as it is if you do not have already bought a complete shower filter.

Many customers who purchased the Naturalizer asked me for a solution to filter the shower water as well. Why to filter the bath and shower water? During a shower or a bath, the pores of our skin dilate, and the chlorine, chloramines and chlorinated derivatives, and other substances penetrate more easily the epidermis. We consume more chlorine by taking our shower and our bath each day than by drinking tap water. Moreover, under a shower, we absorb through inhalation 10 to 100 times more chlorine and chemicals than in water consumption. In a bath, the chemicals are absorbed 600 times more through the skin than by ingestion. For the many people who do not have the chance to benefit from drilling water, Biovie offers a filter to place between the hose and the bath or shower tap, this filter removes chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals and pesticides present in the water. It gives you more enjoyable and healthier showers.

It is composed of two filtering materials of superior quality, which work in synergy, the KDF and the activated charcoal of coconut, and the filtration is carried out in 5 steps:

1. KDF is a patented material made up of copper and zinc filings, which remove efficiently from the water heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, chromium and nickel according to the natural process of oxidation / electrochemical reduction.
This process provokes an exchange of ions with the contaminants and converts them into harmless compounds (for example, the chlorine in the chloride). KDF will remove up to 98% of water-soluble cations (positive-loaded ions), lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium and other dissolved metals. When they are filtered out by the KDF, the soluble cations of lead are reduced to insoluble lead atoms, which are plated by electroplating on the media surface. Other heavy metals also stick to KDF.
It also removes, at the same time, hydrogen sulfide and the redox process generates an electrolytic field (difference of potential of -300 mV) in which most micro-organisms cannot survive: bacteria, fungi, algae and other micro-organisms are eliminated.
Finally, with the KDF reaction, it seems that the crystalline structure of the limestone (calcium carbonate) is modified, the calcite turning already in aragonite, at least in part, and the water thus loses its hardness as well.

2. The actived charcoal of coconut, which filters:

  • Compounds causing water tastes and odors 
  • Pesticides and by-products of pesticides
  • Trihalomethanes and other disinfection by-products
  • Algal toxins
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds (VOCS)
  • Endocrine disruptors and many micro-pollutants xenobiotics
  • Drug residues and of our everyday products (cleaning and hygiene)

The filter is very easy to install, and improves your hair and your skin condition after a few days of use.


The water filtration is done in 4 steps.

* First step: initial filtration
This step removes from the water all solids in suspension, such as rust, sand and other.

* Second stage: KDF
It removes efficiently from water not only heavy metals, but also harmful substances to the skin. It filters out micro-organisms, thanks to the KDF (bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.)

* Third stage: actived charcoal
It absorbs the products of the disinfection: chlorine, HTH, calcium hypochlorite and other undesirable substances.

* Fourth step
It removes the granules of activated charcoal and maintains the freshness of the water.

Technical characteristics:

Suitable for the home network water or basement water.
For drilling or rain water, please contact us.
Maximum pressure: 0.03 Mpa to 0.8 Mpa.
Operating temperature: 4°C to 65°C.
Number of uses: approximately 750 showers of 60 litres, which means 45,000 litres in total.
It is advisable to replace it every two years.


Length : 120 mm
Width : 70 mm

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