🧑‍🔬 Imene is a highly passionate chemist specializing in the study and use of natural substances. Holding a master's degree in this field, she has expanded her knowledge through freelance-focused training, allowing her to broaden her scope and express her creativity in this domain. She chose freelance writing because she enjoys writing, which enables her to combine her scientific expertise with her writing skills for the benefit of a wider audience.

She's a bookworm, but better! She devours everything that comes her way, not just lab-related stuff, but a wide range of subjects, which has allowed her to start working as a web writer 📔. Committed to sports, she values health and well-being, adopting an active and balanced lifestyle. "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are" is her favorite quote because, for her, eating healthily is essential for maintaining good health.

🍏 Imene began working with a few clients until she met Eric through the internet, thanks to another client. Today, Imene puts her writing skills to use for the Biovie team. She finds new topics to address, discovers ideas that are relevant and resonate with everyone on organic and health-related subjects. Her thing is to highlight sustainable alternatives for a healthier lifestyle, and it shows in everything she writes.