Claire has been interested in well-being and natural remedies since her teenage years! Even back then, she delved into herbalism books and manual healing techniques and had an early introduction to gardening. Attracted to sports and everything that promotes natural health, she obtained a degree in STAPS (Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities) but quickly left this sometimes restrictive and artificial environment to pursue her own interests.

🌱 Tempted by the agricultural sector and holding a BTSA (Advanced Technician's Certificate in Agricultural Science), she became disillusioned with a system too focused on productivity and ignorant of nature and animal welfare. As she transitioned to a vegetarian diet, she shifted her focus towards natural care for humans and animals, especially horses, one of her passions!

☀️ Claire discovered Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004, becoming a Shiatsu practitioner in 2009. Naturally, her journey sensitized her to the benefits of a vibrant and energizing diet (rich in "Qi"), leading her to embrace organic and an interest in fruitarianism.

🌲 Based in Aude, she is passionate about gardening, wild foraging, medicinal plants, and fruit trees. Claire occasionally assists organic plant producers and arborists specializing in ancient fruit varieties. She has undergone various training programs with "Nature et Progrès" (gentle pruning, grafting, etc.) and various associations (Atout Fruits (09), Les Incroyables Comestibles, etc.).

✨ Loving harmonious human relationships, she enjoys working in Biovie's customer support department, with the goal of improving life, enhancing health and energy while respecting nature and our own nature. She also continues to maintain her garden and provide care to horses and humans.

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