📸 Virginie joined the Biovie customer support team full-time in April 2021. With a degree in photography and a passion for travel, Virginie is a true nomad! Her extraordinary journey has taken her through farming, sales, volunteer work, and the organization of conscious music festivals, as well as roles as an animator and educator.

🌍 Virginie has worked as a seasonal worker and lived in communal settings, notably in Asia, Australia, and Central America, which taught her a lot about others... and even more about herself! After this journey, she returned to France and gave birth to her son while simultaneously pursuing a training program to teach French to foreigners. She continued to travel with her young son, spending part of the year on the road in a camper van.

Since 2017, settled in Dordogne with her partner, Virginie is now the hyperactive mother of three children... Highly involved in alternative and community education, she is deeply engaged in their Occitan school 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. When she's not working for Biovie, she enjoys cooking homemade meals and organizing cultural or outdoor outings with her children, all while waiting for the next adventure! Home improvement projects also fill her free time!!!

🪩 Passionate about the 80s, Virginie also enjoys thrift shopping for vintage items and giving them a new lease on life, climbing to the tops of volcanoes, reading, and cooking to share her love for healthy and responsible eating. Always up for new discoveries and embracing the unexpected! Working for Biovie allows her to open up to new products with multiple benefits every day and to further explore the fascinating world of positive parenting.