The product to take with you on holiday: liniment

The product to take with you on holiday: liniment

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Liniment - a must of the minimalist toiletries!

"Well, what do I take with me?" Do you know this famous question when it's time to prepare your luggage? We suggest you to lighten your suitcase starting with... the toiletries!

Make-up remover, soothing cream, moisturizer... you can easily find yourself with several bulky products (especially if you are travelling with your family).

Here is THE product to take with you this summer: the liniment. Famous for taking care of baby skin, it can also used in adults... in several ways.

It's an indispensable one to soothe the baby's butt or to clean up the children. It is also great to clean up and remove the make-up on sensitive skins.

The liniment is perfect in case of inflammations (dry eczema, sunburn) to soothe and nourish dry and reactive skins.

In young mothers, it is also recommended to calm inflammations and nipple cracks due to breastfeeding.

Tell us how you use the liniment !

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