B2LOG: our logistics coordinator

B2LOG: our logistics coordinator

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Yesterday's TV show 'Envoyé Spécial', Thursday, January 28, "warehouses, a ruthless world" showed the behind-the-scenes of logistics and package preparation where the only rule is speed and lack of job security so that the delivery times imposed by customers are observed.

Entrepôts logisticien

In fact, it is the companies like us, customers of the logistics platforms, which threaten to break the contracts if the deadlines, inspired by the tenors of e-commerce (which will soon manage to deliver the packages the day before the order!), are not respected.

We work differently at Biovie, loyal to our social and ecological values. No lack of job security or pressure regarding the packages preparation.

Biovie was created 14 years ago, for 4 years I prepared my shipments daily, before delegating it to B2LOG, in Vitrolles, 10 years ago.

B2LOG a small shared human-size logistics coordinator, for which we are the most important and older client and which, today, is organic specialized, among other specialties.

Find our report at Alex Bellon's place, from B2LOG, certified organic logistics coordinator at Ecocert:

Interview entre Eric Viard et Alex Bellon

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