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Ecofiltro clay replacement filter only

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Replacement filter for Ecofiltro (clay unit only).

Gravity filter, made of eco-friendly terracotta.
Available in two sizes: 5L and 20L - choose below!

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Ecofiltro - Low-tech and eco-friendly water filter

Clay filtration unit for ecofiltro water filter.
After 2 years of filtration, the clay filter becomes saturated and thus ineffective.

Caution: upon receipt, please check the condition of the filter BEFORE opening the sealed bag containing it. We cannot refund a broken filter if it has been opened.

> To purchase the complete 5L filter, click here, and for the 20L filter, click here.

Setting up the water filter

The assembly is straightforward!

1) Insert the filter into the container, holding it firmly by the edges (not underneath) to avoid breaking it.

2) Fill the filter to the top to moisten all sides. Do not let the filter dry out after first use.

3) Close the lid and wait a few hours for the water to filter through, then enjoy clean water from the tap! Under normal operation, it produces 2L of purified water per hour.

4) Place the filter on the edge of a flat surface, ensuring the tap is easily accessible. If needed, you can place it on a wooden stand specially designed for the Ecofiltro, available HERE in our shop.

Watch how to set up the filter in this video:

During the first uses, the flow will be slower: this is normal as the pores of the clay open slowly, and the water may taste like clay. We advise you to discard the first few filtrations and taste the water until it reaches a satisfactory taste (non-clayey).

Regular maintenance of the filter

Once operational, you should clean the filter and its stainless steel container at least every 6 months.

1) Empty the water from the filter completely.
2) Carefully remove the clay filter by holding it firmly by the edges. Place it on a clean cloth.
3) With clean hands, thoroughly wash the filter using a sponge dedicated solely to this purpose. Do not use soap or detergent, only pure water. Clean the inside and outside, rinsing the sponge regularly.
4) Allow to dry on a clean cloth. Cover it with another cloth to prevent dust or insects from contaminating it.
5) Clean the metal container, lid, and tap using a brush and soap.

Here is the cleaning process in video:

Filter replacement and recycling

The clay filter has a lifespan of 2 years.

For recycling the old filter, several options are available:

- You can use it as a flowerpot or for plant drainage.
- Break it into small pieces and incorporate it into soil as fertilizer.

By doing so, you contribute to ecological and sustainable gardening practices!

Otherwise, make sure to dispose of it with organic household waste.

⛲ How does it work?

Ecofiltro is a low-tech filter that uses natural materials with proven effectiveness. It consists of several layers:

schéma explicatif de la composition du filtre écofiltro

Clay: it creates microscopic passages that allow water molecules to pass through but not the major contaminants, bacteria, or parasites. The pores have a maximum size of 0.8 micrometers. Of course, it also blocks solid particles.

- Activated charcoal: produced by heating sawdust, activated charcoal improves the water by removing unpleasant odors, taste, and turbidity.

Colloidal silver: A layer of silver is applied after firing as a secondary protective filter, which helps eliminate remaining contaminants. This widely used bactericide purifies water without any adverse effects.

The metal container helps protect the filter from impacts.

As water passes through this natural composite material, it sheds contaminants while preserving its mineral composition, resulting in water that is even purer than bottled mineral waters.

How effective is the filtration?

Ecofiltro guarantees strict filtration of major contaminants: parasites, bacteria, pesticides, soaps, and microplastics (with diameters ranging from 5 millimeters to 1 micrometer).

The clay filter undergoes regular laboratory testing to ensure its effectiveness over time and to guarantee compliance with strict standards for filtration and purification. Ecofiltro was initially created for populations without access to safe drinking water, thus the safety of individuals and the potability of water are absolute priorities and scientifically validated.

In more detail, each natural component serves a specific purpose:

Clay captures:
- solids
- bacteria
- parasites
- micro-plastics

Colloidal silver eliminates:
- bacteria
- parasites
- fungi
- toxins
- viruses

Activated charcoal destroys:
- bad smells
- taste
- colour and suspended particles

contaminants éliminés par le filtre ecofiltro

Find the detailed analyses from the Barcelona laboratory (in Spanish).

Ecofiltro does not remove limestone, but it significantly reduces its content. It is important to note that limestone has bactericidal properties that help limit the proliferation of microorganisms, so it is essential to maintain a small amount in purified water.

To date, no studies have been conducted on the elimination of medications and pharmaceutical products.

An overview of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antimicrobial that does not cause side effects or allergies.
Each clay filter is coated with 0.22 liters of colloidal silver at 530 ppm for the 5L, and 0.42 liters for the 20L, both internally and externally applied. Studies indicate that initially, there is a higher release of silver, around 40 ppb (0.04 ppm), which is well below the recommended daily intake limit of about 30 ppm. According to the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), the maximum silver intake should not exceed 5 μg per kilogram of body weight per day, which corresponds to a daily intake of 350 μg for an average adult weighing 70 kilograms.


The journey begins with Dr. Fernando Mazariegos in Guatemala in the 1990s. He was tasked by the Inter-American Development Bank to find a simple, sustainable, and economical way to purify water for Latin American populations who lack access to this vital resource.

He closely observed indigenous populations and made it a point to use local resources and technologies. After many trials in his research center, he developed the Ecofiltro filter: "We did not invent filtration, but we have worked on the technological development applied to the use of materials and substances that enhance the process."

EcoFiltro was chosen by Corentin de Chatelperron and Caroline Pultz, with whom we are currently collaborating. Caroline and Corentin are the creators of the Desert Biosphere and have been featured by the Low Tech Lab in this video:

Due to its simplicity and low cost, it quickly gained popularity; however, the project, funded solely by donations, could not expand. Therefore, in 2000, Ecofiltro became a socially responsible non-profit organization that contributes to improving living and health conditions while fighting environmental pollution from plastic.
A few years later, in 2009, the organization transformed into a socially responsible company and expanded its production to other regions of the world. Profits generated in wealthier countries enable the provision of purified water to regions that cannot afford it.
Between 2014 and 2022, this approach allowed the distribution of 33,751 Ecofiltros to 6,210 schools.

In 2020, the company earned BCorp certification, recognizing their efforts to combat the effects of climate change and their unconditional social and environmental commitment.
*BCorp is one of the most significant labels certifying companies that aim for a benefit for all—social, environmental, and economic—in full transparency to the public.En 2020, l'entreprise obtient la certification BCorp, une reconnaissance de tous leurs efforts faits pour lutter contre les conséquences du dérèglement climatique et de leur engagement social et environnemental inconditionnel.
 *BCorp est un des plus importants label qui certifie les entreprises qui visent un bénéfice pour tous, social, environnemental et économique, en toute transparence envers le public.

Today, Ecofiltro is present worldwide and continues its fight for ecological, economical, plastic-free access to 100% pure filtered water.

- Dimensions:

5L: 13 cm high x 20 cm in diameter
20L: 26 cm high x 31 cm in diameter

- Materials: natural composite material (clay with activated charcoal and colloidal silver).

- Capacity:

Ecofiltro 5L : 1.5L filtration unit
Ecofiltro 20L : 5L filtration unit

- Performance:

Ecofiltro 5L: Initially, 1 to 2 glasses per hour, the flow rate increases with use up to 1L/hour.
Ecofiltro 20L: Initially, 1L per hour, the flow rate increases with use up to 2L/hour.

- Cleaning: every 6 months or more frequently if your water is very hard (rich in limestone).

- Filter lifespan: 2 years.

NOT suitable for filtering saltwater or unsafe water.
NOT suitable for hot water - temperature can affect filtration quality.
For filtering rainwater or well water, please conduct your own laboratory analyses.

Tap water (therefore basically potable) filtered by Ecofiltro is suitable for feeding and hydrating infants.

>> Ensure that the terracotta filter is in good condition BEFORE opening the sealed bag. We will not refund a broken filter removed from its packaging.

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