Above the clouds, the sun always shines - Irène Grosjean

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The autobiography of the natural health pioneer in France, Irène Grosjean. Discover through her exceptional life story the major principles that helped her overcome challenges and rediscover the true essence of things. A story full of joy, humor, and humanity... in her likeness! Biovie Edition.

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Above the clouds, the sun always shines

Irène Grosjean, the story of a life. Biovie Edition.

"This book aims to demonstrate that, regardless of our limitations, sufferings, illnesses, and trials, we can overcome them and RISE ABOVE THE CLOUDS, where the sun always shines, the sky is blue, and the solution to all problems exists. Of course, this is contingent on taking the correct starting point, the fundamental one that is at the root of all our behaviors."

This is the message conveyed by Irène Grosjean, a doctor in naturopathy, after more than 60 years of research and practice in True, Total, and Natural Health on all levels.

She recounts her life story without filter, but always with humor and simplicity. The numerous challenges she faced, her family life, her projects, her accomplishments, and her continuous learning about natural health make this book much more than an autobiography: it is a guide for those who have suffered, who seek support, and want to thrive in their lives.

The message of the book is straightforward, proven, and provable beyond a doubt. It is rich in wisdom and inspiring to many. Making each reader a travel companion on the journey towards a fulfilling and sustainable life...

irène grosjean autobiographie - au dessus des nuages 2024


Irène Grosjean, a force of nature

Irène Grosjean, a pioneer of naturopathy in France, began her practice in 1958. Her journey was shaped by a personal quest following the loss of loved ones, fueling her belief that health and happiness are naturally accessible to all. Inspired by Hippocrates' maxim, "Let food be thy medicine!", she devoted herself to raw food and naturopathy.

Today, after more than six decades of experience, Irène Grosjean is an essential figure in natural health. She shares her knowledge through conferences and workshops, spreading her message of vitality in France and internationally. Living in Graveson, Provence, she embodies vitality and wisdom, demonstrating that age is just a number.

Her passion for life is evident in her viral videos on YouTube and Facebook, amassing over 5 million views. Her expertise, the result of decades of practice, is more than just a bible of plants and raw food recipes. Irène Grosjean is a source of inspiration for health and wellness, combining medicinal wisdom and culinary know-how, and practicing it daily. She reminds us that our diet is at the heart of our well-being and offers us the keys to mastering our health with energy and enthusiasm.

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Please note: book in French



- 256 pages

- Size 14 x 21 cm

- Strong carton book cover

- FSC paper from responsibly managed forests

-Vegetable-based inks (solvent-free)

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