Replacement filters for water bottle x2

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Replacement filters for Biovie Water To Go water bottle (pack of 2). To purify any water (except seawater).
Filter capacity: 200 L.

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WATER TO GO x BIOVIE exclusivity

Replacement filters for Biovie filtering water bottle. Pack of 2 filters (cannot be sold individually).
Not suitable for filtering seawater. Do not filter anything other than fresh water (syrups, juices, hot beverages, etc).

🚰 Use of the filter

The removable filter screws onto the cap of the filtering bottle.

During the first use, it is important to ACTIVATE the filter: fill the bottle with water (non-salty), flip the bottle so that the filter is fully submerged, let it sit for 15 minutes, then open the pouring spout and empty all the water through the neck by squeezing the sides of the bottle.
Some carbon granules may be visible; if that's the case, simply continue rinsing the filter until the water runs clear. Please note that the carbon granules are not harmful to health.
Your filter is activated and ready to use!

> The same method should be used if you haven't used the bottle for a while and the filter has dried out.

The filter should be hand-washed ONLY.
Regularly wash your bottle, filter, and cap to prevent any risk of contamination.

Standard use of the filtering bottle:

1) Remove the lid with the filter.
2) Fill the bottle with water (not saltwater).
3) Put the lid and filter back on.
4) Open the cap and drink!

Caution: Do not allow unfiltered water to come into contact with the outer lid or neck!

🚰 Replacement of the filter

Filter capacity = 200 L
Considering that the average daily water intake for a person is 1.5L to 2L, the filter can last for 100 days, which is a little over 3 months of daily use.

The filter is recyclable.
To be recycled, the filter needs to be disassembled and cut: the filtering membrane can go in the compost, while the plastic part that holds it should be disposed of in the recycling bin. You can find the procedure in a video here.

1 filter = 400 single-use plastic bottles avoided. 

🚰 How does it work?

Unique 3-in-1 filter technology, combining traditional and nano filtration.

> A mechanical filtration: it uses a membrane with tiny pores (0.7 microns) that prevent the passage of major contaminants.
> A nanotechnology: it involves nano-alumina, which carries a positive charge when wet and attracts negatively charged contaminants in the water. The induced positive electrical charge allows the filter to trap particles even smaller than the membrane pores, greatly enhancing the filter's effectiveness. It can capture viruses as small as 0.03 microns, including the polio virus.
> An activated carbon: its large surface area traps major contaminants and primarily works on improving taste and odor.

Filters 99.99% of water contaminants :

effectiveness of the Water To Go Biovie bottle.

BPA-free guarantee.


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