Hazelnut paste for organic plant-based milk

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Organic hazelnut paste, especially created to make homemade plant-based milk. 180g glass jar.

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Make your own organic hazelnut milk at home, on request

Tired of tasteless plant-based milks, full of additives, salt and/or sugars? Tired of having to buy a 1L bottle to throw away half of it? Simply want to reduce your waste?
The solution is right there!

Plant-based milk concentrates, which enable you to make up to 3L of milk whenever you want, with the intensity you like and in the desired quantity.

The paste is made from very good quality Italian hazelnuts and only hazelnuts. No surprise, the taste of your homemade milk is much more pronounced and really looks like the taste of whole hazelnuts, compared to commercial hazelnut milks (even those called "intense"), the texture is also more velvety.
This milk has a high nutritional value: it retains all the micro-nutrients of the hazelnut, unlike commercial plant-based milks, it does not undergo heat treatment for its preservation.

>> Vegan, lactose-free, low in saturated fat and more than 20% of the daily intake of E vitamin.

🥛 How to prepare it?

You will need a blender (a small one is enough), or an hand blender if not. The recipe for 500 mL of milk is very simple: 60 g of hazelnut paste for 450 ml of water + 15 g of sugar, honey or agave syrup. Mix everything for a few seconds, pour into a clean glass bottle. Store this milk in the fridge for up to 4 days.

For a less intense version, use 30 g of hazelnut paste for 450 mL of water.

étapes fabrication lait végétal maison

Have fun adding spices, vanilla, melted chocolate squares, cinnamon... there are plenty of ways to enjoy it.

🥛 A very studied production

To obtain milk of high nutritional and taste quality, the production of this paste required particular and unique attention:

- Italian hazelnuts
- Mechanical grinding at low temperature
- Fine grain size measurement for a perfectly smooth milk texture
- No heat treatment used to increase shelf life
- Stability of micronutrients controlled at each manufacturing stage

1 pot of 150 mL irresistible hazelnut = 3L of intense hazelnut milk

The hazelnut is a very popular seed for its characteristic taste, most often used in sweet recipes, it is also excellent for toasting. Here are its main advantages:

• E vitamin: this antioxidant vitamin is essential for many mechanisms in our body. In addition with omega-3, it makes the skin more beautiful, promotes its hydration and limits cellular aging. It also limits the degeneration of the brain and would be essential to fight against Alzeihmer's disease, the absence of E vitamin being characteristic in people with this disease (source here). We also note its presence in the membranes of all our cells and its participation in the formation of red blood cells.
A hazelnut milk made with this paste brings you 21% of the recommended daily intake of E vitamin!!

• Good for the heart: the lipid composition of hazelnuts looks like the one of olive oil. It is composed mainly of monounsaturated fatty acids (mainly in oleic form) with very few polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids. It may play a role in reducing certain risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as blood lipids, blood pressure and glucose metabolism. Without forgetting that its antioxidant power also contributes to this phenomenon.

• Manganese: manganese is a nutrient involved in several body processes, particularly in the metabolism of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. It helps certain specific enzymes to fight against free radicals, therefore it limits the harmful effects of oxidation and consequently slows down the phenomenon of cellular ageing. It will also allow the production of insulin, a hormone that regulates our blood sugar levels. That's not all, it would help preserve bone mass by being an essential constituent for bone formation.
By drinking 100 mL of hazelnut milk you cover 28% of the daily requirement.

• Copper: copper is also an enzyme co-factor, ie it will enable the enzymatic reaction of different metabolisms of the human body (lipids, carbohydrates, etc.). It helps to better assimilate iron and participates in the production of red blood cells. Like manganese, it is involved in bone formation, it is an ideal combo within the hazelnut itself. Among other things, it is also known to have beneficial effects on the production of melanin, on the nervous system or on the immune system through its anti-bacterial effect.

• In summary: homemade hazelnut milk made from this "irresistible hazelnut" paste is perfectly balanced in fiber, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. It is low in carbohydrates and therefore does not affect blood sugar levels. Finally a vegetable milk that is good for the planet and the body!

Brin de Foli


It all started with Sarah, a great lover of gourmet and healthy food. This enthusiast of homemade in all its forms, loves to discover, try new things and share them with those around her.

Coming from Paul Bocuse school among others, she found herself confronted with an intolerance to dairy products which forced her to modify her diet.

Looking for a solution to fill up on ferments without having to consume dairy products, she played the "call a friend" card by turning to David.

David, passionate about ferments and holder of a doctorate in the field, could help her find which ferment to use for a homemade vegetable yogurt.

Always ready to draw inspiration from the richness of nature to create new things, he spent many evenings alongside his yogurt maker. He tested different mix of ferments and natural ingredients to find THE recipe for making homemade yogurts with ferments from plant-based drinks.

Brin de Foli was born with this shock team and the very first mixtures of ferments for plant-based milks in the world were born. Full of inventiveness and ideas, they have developed more than 250 plant-based and fermented recipes. To continue in this mission to make dairy products plant-based, they have released their own almond and hazelnut pastes in order to produce plant-based milks with an incomparable taste, more stable and practical and above all, better for the planet.
Their state of mind, promoting a diet that defies codes: creative, personal, healthy, respectful of the environment, and alive - the living food.

Packaging: 180g glass jar (=150 mL).

Ingredients: 100% Hazelnut from organic farming. Italy origin.

DMD: 1 year after production. After opening, consume preferably within 4 months.
The milk obtained can be kept for 4 days in the refrigerator.

Storage: store at room temperature in a dry place away from heat and light.

Hazelnut paste Hazelnut milk
Average nutritional values 100 g % RNV* 100 ml % RNV*
Energetic value


703 kcal

2941 kJ

35 % 96,4 kcal

403 kJ

5 %

whose sugars

5,1 g

3,6 g

2 %

4 %

3,6 g

3,4 g

1 %

4 %

Fibers 7,5 g 25 % 0,9 g 3 %
Proteins 16,9 g 34 % 2 g 4 %
Salt 0,0 g 0,0 % 0 g
Copper 1,6 mg 160 % 0,19 mg 19 %
Manganese 4,6 mg 230 % 0,55 mg 28 %
E vitamin 20,6 mg 172 % 2,47 mg 21 %

Pourcentage compared to Reference Nutritional Values (RNV)

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