Large bowl Juicer Juice Me Up

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Spare part for the Biovie juicer "Juice Me Up"

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Big bowl for Juice Me Up Juicer

Large waste/fiber bowl. Spare part of the Juice Me Up juicer.

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For 18 years we have tested many juicers from different countries without ever having really found one that corresponded well to our needs for regular use.

We have also noticed that people often buy a juicer only to quickly become discouraged by the complexity of the assembly, the slowness of the extraction, the difficulties of cleaning, the low yield or the force that has to be deployed to pass the fruits and vegetables in the device. If you wanted to extract juice from wheatgrass or barley, you often needed a second specific device.

At the beginning of 2022 we tested a prototype and we understood that we had OUR juicer there. It is very simple to use, easy to clean, good performance for vegetables, fruits, grass, fast while rotating at low speed, and above all, it is possible to put whole foods in it such as apples or branches of celery without forcing.

The juicer is equipped with an intelligent protection chip that stops it after 20 mins of continuous work. It also makes it possible to stop the motor when there is a jam in the auger and automatically switches it to reverse before stopping it. This protects your motor and increases the life of your device.

The cleaning is also very easy:

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