Vacuum-packed flask for juice and smoothie - 600 mL

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Glass bottle with vacuum system for prolonged storage of your fruit and vegetable juices. 600ml. Pump included.

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The flask that preserves your juices and smoothies all day long

Have you dreamed of carrying your juice to the office, during your sports session or even on a picnic? It is now possible with the Pika vacuum storage flask!

Compact, practical, resistant and ergonomic, it keeps your juices and smoothies under vacuum to prevent oxidation and preserve their nutrients and taste as much as possible throughout the day. Thanks to its integrated pump, you can make the vacuum after each sip. We personally use this innovative bottle every week, especially when traveling for the commute and for the days away from home afterwards. Moreover, it's really pretty!

💧 Anti-leak cap

Its cap is composed of a vacuum valve and a leak-proof valve. This innovative design ensures vacuum maintenance and flawless sealing during transport.

💧 Healthy and durable materials

Glass is the best material for storing juice and drinks. It does not alter the taste and cleans up perfectly. The PIKA water bottle is also dishwasher safe. The thick silicone casing offers a good grip and protects your bottle from shocks. The mL scale is ideal for measuring your daily juice intake. Guaranteed BPA-free.

💧The vacuum pump

The pump is essential to extract the air present in your flask in order to avoid the oxidation of your juices and smoothies. The silicone ring or the rubber band will allow you to take your pump with you so that you can redo the vacuum after each opening of the flask, it is discreet enough not to take up too much space.

💧 Why vacuuming?

The skin of fruits and vegetables protects nutrients and vitamins from oxidation. When you squeeze a juice or mix a smoothie, you remove this protection and in contact with the air, the fruits & vegetables begin to oxidize. Loss of vitamins, blackening, change in taste... This is why we always recommend drinking fresh juice as soon as it has just been made.

The PIKA bottle keeps all your drinks 3 times longer!!

Watch the demo in video:

Thoroughly clean all parts with soapy water before each use.
Dimensions: 22.4cm x 7.6cm
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