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"My first vegan cheese" kit - Cashew "Camembert"

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Whole kit to make your own vegan raw cheese. Very simple and fun!


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"My first vegan cheese" Cashewbert kit

NEW FORMAT: the kit now contains 2 medium molds and no longer 3 small moulds. The principle is exactly the same!

Fermented foods are highly recommended for the well-being of your digestive system. In addition to improving digestion, providing you with probiotics, fermentation improves the bioavailability of certain nutrients.
Vegan alternatives to cheese in stores are often made with more or less quality ingredients to improve their texture, aroma or appearance. As for the recipes to make at home, it is sometimes difficult to find THE right ferment and to carry out the fermentation correctly until the end without surprise.

We were surprised and won over by the ease of use of this kit to make your own vegan "camembert" made from cashew nuts. All you need is a good blender, our raw cashew nuts, a little water and salt.

For everything else, the ferments and the appropriate equipment are in the kit! (see the "In practice" tab). The procedure is very well explained, with drawings to help you and the making of the recipe itself only takes a few minutes.

In 2 weeks (refining time) you get 3 delicious little vegan camembert of about 80 grams each, creamy and very soft.
Success guaranteed!

Then just buy back the ferments to make 3 new cheeses.

➡️ The ferments alone will be online soon!

Vegan raw cheeses are ideal for small cravings at snack time, as well as to finish a meal or garnish your sandwiches.

Discover the step-by-step production in video (in English):

My first vegan cheese from Cashewbert on Vimeo.

By ordering the kit you can download an E-book with all the technical and scientific information on ferments and cheese fermentation, as well as recipes to vary the tastes of your raw cheeses

Even if dairy cheeses have some nutritional advantages to bring us (proteins, essential amino acids, calcium), they are also rich in "bad" fats which form cholesterol and especially contribute to the perpetuation of animal suffering.

"Fake cheeses" are good alternatives, when they are based on oilseeds or soybeans. We strongly encourage you to make them at home so you know exactly what they are made of. You are also free to add spices, herbs or superfoods to enrich their taste and their benefits!

Made from raw ingredients, here our cashew nuts, the vegan "camembert" gives you the nutritional benefits of cashew associated with fermentation.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids: contribute to good cardiovascular health. Studies show that those who regularly eat nuts and other plant sources of monounsaturated fat reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Copper & phosphorus: protection and regeneration of the tissues of our body, these minerals are directly involved in the formation of collagen (protein used in the structure and repair of tissues), hemoglobin and cell membranes.

Magnesium: bone development, dental health and strengthening of the immune system. Magnesium also has a role in energy metabolism and contributes to the proper functioning of our brain by taking part in the transmission of nerve impulses.

Probiotics & natural yeasts: consuming fermented foods pampers the health of our microbiota, and therefore contributes to the proper functioning of our body… and our brain!
Fermentation multiplies the concentration of food in micronutrients, and makes them more assimilable. A regular intake of natural probiotics further stimulates the immune system, and can help reduce certain digestive disorders.

Cashewbert, cheese fermentation enthusiasts

Cashewbert's founder, Anderson Santos, traveled to Switzerland to study cheese making in order to understand all the mysteries and techniques that go into making good cheese. He then put his know-how and knowledge at the service of vegan cheeses: more than a simple imitation of traditional cheeses, Cashewbert wants to democratize the production of real cheeses from vegetable milks.

Since their creation in 2015, they have invented many recipes with a wide range of different cultures and ferments, so that everyone can find their ideal vegan cheese.

Committed to the protection of animal rights, the Cashewbert team has selected products only from plant sources.

Packaging: Kit including

    2 Bertchen cheese molds (5.5 x 7.5 x 5.5cm)
    2 cheese racks
    4 maturing papers
    Cultures needed to make 2 small cheeses (at once)
    (does not include cashews!)

DMD: for ferments: 6 months after production.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Streptococcus thermophilus, L. Cremoris, L. Lactis, P. Candidum flüßig, Enzymes.

Storage method: the ferments can be stored in the fridge, the rest of the kit at room temperature.

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My first vegan cheese

A great introduction to making vegan cheese with easy to follow, clear instructions and reusable kit.

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