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Organic birch juice | Au Bouleau !
Organic birch juice | Au Bouleau !
Organic birch juice | Au Bouleau !
Organic birch juice | Au Bouleau !
Organic birch juice | Au Bouleau !
Organic birch juice | Au Bouleau !

Organic birch juice from the Landes - 3L treatment

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Fresh organic birch juice (unpasteurized) in bag-in-box of 3L - Landes de Gascogne origin - wild birch

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Origin Landes de Gascogne - France

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Birch sap has been used since ancient times, for its draining and remineralizing properties which go wonderfully with the change of season, from winter to spring. Forgotten for some time, it returns to our habits to the delight of our body.
This Elixir of Life is harvested from February to April, at the beginning of spring, when the sap rises in the tree to awaken the buds. As a nutritious liquid, it circulates through the vessels of the trees and conveys water and nutrients to the branches, to provide the energy necessary for the creation of new leaves and flowers.

We offer you an organic birch sap, harvested in a traditional way in a family forest in the Landes de Gascogne, in Gabaret in the West of France. Find out more in the "Sector" section.
Its appearance is clear and limpid, like water, with a slightly sweet taste.

It is recommended to take 15cL (a small glass) per day every morning for 3 weeks. The 3L BIB format corresponds to a 3-week treatment for one person.

tableau de composition en minéraux de l'eau de bouleau

The birch juice treatment:

It will enable you to "cleanse" your body of the effects of winter and prepare your body to start again in spring. A "reset" thanks to its emunctory draining effect.

Detoxifies: the emunctories (liver, kidneys, colon, kidneys, skin and lungs) process our organic waste and evacuate them, so it is important to help them in their work and not to tire them too much. A cure of birch water will stimulate these organs and therefore accentuate the elimination of toxins. It could thus relieve painful joints, rheumatism, gout and skin problems.

Drains: the best known effect of birch sap is its diuretic action. It increases the production of urine and its elimination. Coupled with a healthy and appropriate diet, it will be your ally against cellulite and water retention. It's a good time if you're looking to "deflate"!

Remineralizes: this sap contains alkalizing minerals (including calcium, potassium, magnesium and silicon) and many vitamins and amino acids. It is therefore an advantage of choice: this treatment does not make you tired because it replaces some of the minerals that it causes the body to lose.
It also contains copper which, with silicon, acts for the maintenance of cartilage and bones. Plus manganese which is a powerful antioxidant.

Use in cosmetics: less known in direct application to the skin, it could nevertheless reduce dandruff and capillary itching thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly to fight against acne or eczema, by combining the internal and external routes.

After a treatment, your body will be all the more receptive to the power of the food and the care that you will bring to it afterwards!

It is not recommended for people with kidney problems and children under 12 years old. In any case, consult a health professional.

Claire & Nicolas: lovers of nature before anything else

Claire, yoga teacher and naturopath, and Nicolas, pruner, founded "Au Bouleau!" in Gabaret in the Landes after a life course rich in experiences. They collect the birch juice in an artisanal way and only take what is necessary: 1 to 5L per day and per tree, depending on what the tree wants to give! Knowing that a tree can brew up to 100L of sap per day, this artisanal method does not exhaust the birch.
Located in a primary Landes forest on their own family land, the birches are not planted and cultivated especially for this purpose: the original trees are exploited in synergy with the living.

They are the ones who speak about it the best:

« It is with great respect for nature that we act to offer you a high quality sap endowed with beautiful energies.
When the harvest comes, we draw the trees with kindness and thank them for all the benefits that their sap brings us on a daily basis.
We carefully follow the evolution of our trees. They are labeled one by one for reasons of traceability but above all in order to monitor their growth from one year to the next.
In a quest for preservation we only extract the trees necessary to meet your request.
Once the harvest is over, we carefully reseal the tree and offer it our best intentions. »

At the same time, Claire accompanies stressed, anxious, depressed people to help them find a balanced, serene and joyful life thanks to naturopathy. Find more information on her website or her Instagram account.

Packaging: 3L bag-in-box. Pouring cap included. The bag-in-box prevents air from entering the bag when you use it and therefore keeps the juice longer.

DMD: to consume within 3 weeks after opening. After this time, the sap is still drinkable but will begin to ferment, so its taste will be a little more acidic, with no health consequences.

Method of preservation: storage in the fridge.
Recommended use: about 15 cL per day in the morning, during 3 weeks.

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