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E-book Food Art Smoothie (PDF)

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"Food Art" recipes e-book and inspiring presentations in PDF

Food Art Smoothies is a cookbook that combines healthy 'cooking', culinary art and simplicity.

In this PDF, you will find recipes created with bananas as the main ingredient, in the form of smoothies or purees: colorful, decorated and delicious! And with a floral touch since all the decorations are eaten, including the magnificent flowers.

Find more than 40 recipes to treat yourself and develop your soul as a food artist!

A simple way to nourish your body and soul in a healthy manner. And maybe even an invitation to share this activity with the family!

Laurie Rousseau
Holder of a Insurance Advanced Technician's Certificate, I took the path given to me, namely claims management, for 12 years. In December 2019, a shift began since the field of insurance was no longer made for me and before "falling into burn-out", a pause was necessary for me to find my way of the heart.

Always in love with nature and flora, I had to put what is essential and important in the foreground of my life, plants and flowers!
Eating "wild edibles" and having discovered living food during quarantine, my creativity naturally pushed me to combine the two for even more benefits. I have concocted delicious simple healthy and flowery recipes with a touch of Food Art, to the delight of the eyes and taste buds!
Passionate about photography, I got caught up in the game of immortalizing this ephemeral art.
From there was born my first cookbook, Food Art Smoothies, an invitation to creativity on the plate since the tasting begins above all with the sight. A nice plate brings joy, pleasure and, above all, an additional taste.

Well-being is now at the heart of my way of being, I decided to combine the professions of aromatherapy advisor and herbalist in order to introduce the powers of the plants that surround us.
Being self-taught, I learned a lot through reading and personal experiences but wishing to consolidate my knowledge, I trained with the Association for the Renewal of Herbalist.
Within the framework of my activity, I also organize “botanical days” and culinary workshops with 3 axes which are the culinary art, the living food and the “edible wild ones”, with like main mission the happiness in the plate for well-being.
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