automatic fog generator Easygreen
automatic fog generator Easygreen
automatic fog generator Easygreen
automatic fog generator Easygreen

Mist generator - Easygreen Light automatic sprouter

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Replacement mist generator for Easygreen Light automatic sprouter (filter not provided)

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Mist generator

Mist generator / remplacement engine for Easygreen automatic sprouter, enabling the simultaneous application of mist and oxygen to the surface of the seeds: while the seeds need in reality not much water and a lot of oxygen, the traditional sprouters bring a lot of water and do not handle properly the renew of air.

With the Easygreen sprouter, the automatic control of the internal temperature is taken care by the patented technology mist+oxygen, avoiding bacterial development and molds.

The water used for the misting is evacuated. The sprouted seeds are therefore always misted with clean water deprive of toxins.

This new mist generator has been designed to operate in a smoother manner, more silent and to consume less electricity than the old model.

The re-designed atomizer of the new Easygreen enables to save 12% water compared to the old model.

This engine enables to replace an Easygreen defective generator, it is compatible as well as on the new models than the old ones.

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Mist Generator

Thank you for your excellent service, I could not source the Mist generator in South Africa and within a week it was delivered.
Beautifully packed and ready to replace the old one

Thank you for your product review on our website. We always welcome feedback and we are happy that you find what you were looking for :)

Shop owner reply on 15 May 2022

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