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Life in abundance-online internship

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We are pleased to offer you the online internship of Irène Grosjean, 90 years of which we publish the best seller "Life in abundance".

With an innovative and unprecedented format in France, this course mixes naturopathy courses to understand the basics of natural health, raw cooking courses to discover the techniques of living food and improve oneself and interactive live sessions.

Irene is accompanied by Miguel Barthelery, scientist and naturopath and Aurélie for the crusine. Over 18 hours of videos for content that has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people for nearly 50 years. 

As conductor and privileged partner of this project, we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on registration.

promo code : BIOVIE-IRENE6 - >10% discount on the price of the internship

On the other hand, by registering for this course, you will benefit from a 15% discount on our 3 flagship devices: easygreen sprouter, MixMeUp blender and Sahara folding dehydrator, 

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