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Organic China rose radish seeds

China Rose radish seeds to germinate, in doypack of 500g.

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China rose radish seeds to germinate

Organic seeds, available in doypack of 500g - Delivery everywhere except Overseas Departments and Territories

The China rose radish seed comes from the Brassicaceae family. It was known from Antiquity in China, Japan and India. The Egyptians ate it or collected oil from the seeds while the Greeks offered it to their gods on gold dishes. The Romans used the China rose radish to calm coughs and stop bleeding. (source in French)

Its small shoots have a slightly pungent taste of radish.

Soaking: 12 hours

Germination: 5 days

Its particularities:

• Rich in sulfur, as its pungent taste confirms, it stimulates appetite as well as digestion. It is a good ally for a detox of the digestive system.

• Its greatest asset: it is very rich in vitamin C! It helps the immune system to function well and protect us from the small aggressions of winter. It helps to limit oxidative stress.

• Also rich in magnesium, it contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and helps reduce fatigue.

• Radish is known to regenerate the liver and drain the kidneys, so it helps the body eliminate toxins.

• As with other cruciferous plants, the antioxidants present in the sprouted seeds of radish are effective agents in the prevention of certain cancers.

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