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Organic white quinoa from Anjou to germinate - 5kgs

Organic white quinoa from Anjou, ideal for germination. Bag of 5 kgs.

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ORGANIC QUINOA TO GERMINATE - French sector "Quinoa from Anjou"


Little gem of nutrition and taste, we wanted to re-offer you some quinoa to germinate. We have opted for our French land, which produces one of the easiest quinoa to germinate. No saponin extracts so there is no need to rinse it before the germination. Easily and in less than 2 days you can use the sprouted quinoa in all your recipes. 

Quinoa has been cultivated for 6000 years. Originally from the Andes, it was a sacred seed for the Incas. It is part of the beet and spinach family (chenopodiaceae). In France, it is cultivated since about ten years and it supplies now 1/4 of all the quinoa consumed in our country. The real asset of French quinoa is the absence of saponin, which usually gives a too bitter taste to the seed.

Its mild nutty flavor goes well with any dish. It is also the fastest seed to germinate! No more need of baking to preprare, for example, a delicious raw tabbouleh.

Soaking : 2 hours

Germination : 24h to 48h

CAUTION: Do not germinate the quinoa for too long as it will taste bitter (48 hours maximum, after half a day of soaking).

Benefits of quinoa

Its advantages :

• Gluten-free, it contains as much fiber as whole grains, which satiates the stomach and stimulates transit.

• Rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese as well as group B vitamins, it promotes digestive and nervous balance.

• Its high protein content (17%) means that in naturopathy, quinoa is considered more as a protein than a cereal! It contains all of the essential amino acids, which is rare for a seed.

• It is also a weak starch with a low glycemic index, more easily digestible.

• It also contains two flavonoids (quercetin and kaempfeol), powerful antioxidants.

• It has 5% essential fatty acids, including omega 3.

To make the most of all its benefits, we recommend that you eat it sprouted and, even if you prefer it cooked, germinate it beforehand.

Sector : Quinoa from Anjou

Concerned by the environment and involved in responsible farming, the producers of quinoa from Anjou grow the quinoa in accordance with strict and supervised specifications. Naturally produced, without herbicide, the quinoa from Anjou is sown in February and harvested next summer in accordance to the ancestral methods.

The producers of this quinoa are gathered in a cooperative, the Agricultural Cooperative of Pays de la Loire (CAPL). It enables the farmers to diversify their crop growings, to bring them a technical support and to secure their incomes. Several years of agronomic research and variety selection about the quinoa were necessary to test the resistance of the varieties to bad weather, insects, illnesses and to appreciate the quality of the seeds. Experiments are still happening : "For now, Anjou seems to be the most suitable area for quinoa culture : neither extreme heats nor big colds, not too much humidity in summer. The trials done in Brittany showed that humidity doesn't enable the quinoa to finish its cycle. On the contrary, the areas located inland go to quickly from "too cold" to "too got", which disrupts the development of the plant. I think we need to control first the technical process here, in Anjou, before to expand the quinoa culture to other regions", explains Jason Abott, pioneer of French quinoa - he experiences 40 varieties of quinoa on his plots.

Proximity and quality, the organic quinoa of Anjou has everything to seduce us!


The packaging of quinoa is 5 kgs, all the carriers can be selected.

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