fresh coconut thailand
fresh coconuts cocoboys young water
fresh coconuts cocoboys young water
fresh coconuts cocoboys young water
fresh coconut thailand
fresh coconuts cocoboys young water
fresh coconuts cocoboys young water
fresh coconuts cocoboys young water

Pallet of organic fresh coconuts - 18 boxes of 9 coconuts

Conservation time
30 days in the refrigerator
Average weight of 1 coconut Fresh
800 g

Organic fresh coconuts - Pallet of carton boxes containing 9 coconuts - minimum quantity of 18 parcels

Shipments from the 5th of January.

Tax included

Pallet of carton boxes containing 9 organic fresh coconuts
Minimum order: 18 parcels of 9 coconuts

European exclusivity

Pallets of coconuts from 18 boxes.
Information Nov 19, 2021: the coconuts are back! We hope to be able to ship your orders from January 5th, please contact us for more info.

These young fresh organic coconuts, of Nam Hom variety, are filled with coconut water and also contain fresh coconut flesh.

The light brown color of the coconuts is perfectly normal. Fresh organic coconuts can be stored in the fridge up to 3 weeks after receiving them or even longer. 

The coconut water coming from not fully grown coconuts is a clear sterile liquid, which is found inside the coconuts and filled with various minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients.

There is much more coconut water in a fresh coconut than in a mature coconut, which contains, for its part, more flesh.

Consequently, when we want to opt for coconut water especially and its unique content in electrolytes, the coconuts are harvested when they still are young and of green color. Then, their green skin is removed and the fibers around the coconut itself are sculpted in a diamond shape as you’ll receive them at home. It is very important to consume the fresh coconut water straight after it has been exposed to the air. Indeed, this water is a unique and sterile mix, which means free of all microbial infection, and the exposure to air or, at worst, the sterilization destroys tremendously the micro-nutritional active ingredients of the coconut. Amonst these micronutrients, we count lauric acid (which is only found in the coconut and mother’s milk), iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorure.

In fact, the potassium content of fresh coconut water is 2 times higher to what we can find in banana, which is already extremely rich. Moreover, it is micronutrients already bio-available and digestible.

Organic fresh coconuts carried by boat from Thailand. See the fair trade audit (in English) HERE

This product is shipped from a specific cold warehouse separated from the main one. Please do not order anything else other than this pallet. Phone number (mobile preferably) is mandatory for the carrier, in your address, the driver will make an appointment with you for delivery. Shipment from Marseille.

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