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Dishwasher / washing machine faucet connector kit - Easygreen Light automatic sprouter

Dishwasher & washing machine faucet connector to the Easygreen Light automatic sprouter

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Enables to connect one or more Easygreen sprouters to a single washing machine / dishwasher type faucet.

Washing machine or dishwasher type faucet: direct connection, no lever of choice, if you want to keep the use of the faucet for other household appliances, you will have to buy a T join in a hardware store.

As a standard, 2m of tubing is provided to go from the sprouter to the tap. If a longer length is required, please purchase additional tubing per linear meter.

This kit enables you to connect an Easygreen sprouter to the tap. To connect up to 12 Easygreen sprouters, this kit is enough, but you will need small T and L joins, kind of "multiple sockets" for water circulation. See T and L joins kit.

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