the children's crusine
the children's crusine

La Crusine des enfants-Collective directed by Aurélie Viard

The children's crusine !



Book-easel of recipes of family crusine

Ten families shared their best recipes !

Living food appeals to more and more people with its promise of optimal health.

Feeding in this way seems an impossible bet when it comes to children, when they are growing and they would be the first beneficiaries of a diet with more raw.

Pioneer in France, Biovie has been offering many products since 2005 to easily "crusiner" on a daily basis. Creating, experimenting, tasting, feasting, sharing, gathering, proposing and above all celebrating this path that is living food with the family, this is what is at the heart of Eric and Aurélie.

It is also a bet won for the parents we invited for this book and who also found their recipes and solutions delicious and healthy. Because it is possible to meet the gluttony of our cherubs without processed products, refined sugar, flour or gluten and without cooking.

We wish you a great discovery of these recipes, easy to make and very original. Whether you are beginners, experienced or simply curious, they will transform your culinary daily and awaken your creativity.

Health benefits

To put in all hands, this book-object can stay in decoration in your kitchen as a reminder for more vintage in your daily life !


All our books are printed in Hérault on recycled paper or PEFC and vegetable inks 
at Pure Impression, the national leader in socially and environmentally engaged printing.


This book if it is ordered alone is shipped in Letter Followed 24h, if it is ordered with other products, shipped by the chosen carrier.



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