Raw Family Raw Food Revolution
Raw Family 34 Vegan Recipes Healthy Food
Raw Family Raw Food Revolution
Raw Family 34 Vegan Recipes Healthy Food

Raw Family, Raw Revolution - Boutenko

Ebook to download. 98 p.

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Raw Family or how raw food has allowed a family to regain optimal health

The moving message of the Boutenko family

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Raw Family is the first book of the Boutenko family, emigrated from Russia to the USA in 1990. A testimony to four voices, the book traces the family's transition from a standard American diet to a 100% raw and vegan diet for 7 years, and the health benefits of each following this revolutionary change. The book is accompanied by 25 photos and thirty favorite raw food recipes of the Boutenko family.

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"Listening to our body is a guarantee of good health. When we are sick, we always think that something outside of ourselves will be able to heal us. The only person who can heal us is ourselves. It will take hundreds of years for science to understand the subtle functioning of the human body. We can nevertheless understand here and now what we really need by listening to the voice of our body." Victoria Boutenko

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