Easygreen Automatic Filling Kit

Kitchen faucet connector kit - Easygreen Light automatic sprouter

Connector to link a kitchen faucet to the Easygreen Light automatic sprouter.


Connector to attach one or more Easygreen sprouters to a single kitchen faucet.

Enables to connect from one to twelve Easygreen sprouters equipped with the automatic filling system to a single kitchen faucet. You keep the use of your faucet, thanks to a lever that you raise or lower: you can "send" the water to the sprouter or you can use your kitchen faucet for other uses.

You can also leave your faucet powered permanently if you don't need it for anything else.

As a standard, 2m of tubing is provided to go from the sprouter to the tap. If a longer length is required, please purchase additional tubing per linear meter.

To connect up to 12 Easygreen sprouters, this kit is enough, but you will need small T and L joins, kind of "multiple sockets" for water circulation. See T and L joins kit.

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