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1L lacto-fermentation jars

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1L jars to make your homemade lacto-fermentation in complete safety.
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Lacto-fermentation glass jar with valve

Make your lacto-fermentation at home by limiting the risk of contamination with Kilner jars. With a capacity of 1L, it allows you to make a multitude of recipes: sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and other lacto-fermented vegetables.

The kit contains 2 glass jars (capacity 1L each), 2 lids with silicone valve, 2 glass weights.

The valve makes it possible to evacuate the CO2 created by limiting external contamination.

Fermentation is a process known for a long time to lengthen the preservation of food. It has come back in force in our daily lives (especially through kefir and kombucha) thanks to numerous studies on the benefits of fermented foods on our microbiota and our general physical well-being.

Technically, fermentation works like this: micro-organisms for ferments (mainly of 3 types: bacteria, yeasts and molds - quite harmless promised) will most of the time break down certain carbohydrates (such as sugars and starches), to give acids (acetic acid from vinegar, or lactic acid from lacto-fermented vegetables), gas and/or alcohol.

Fermented foods are a good source of assimilable probiotics: "good bacteria" that promote the diversity of the microbiota, stimulate immunity and help digestion. Allies you can count on if you have digestion problems!

Fermentation improves the bioavailability of certain nutrients, it neutralizes inhibitors, tannins or even phytic acid, which greatly improves the absorption capacity of our intestinal wall.

But that's not all ! Fermentation also produces more vitamins than in fresh raw food: this is particularly the case in raw sauerkraut where 12 times more C vitamin precursor is measured than in unfermented white cabbage.

In summary: fermented foods will be very rich in good bacteria, will produce more vitamins, and will be easier to digest, while facilitating the digestion and assimilation of the rest of the meal.

Not to mention their exceptional characteristic little taste ;)

So many good reasons to start home lacto-fermentation!

How to use the jars? Look the tutorial in video (in English):

Thoroughly clean all parts with soapy water before each use. Does not require sterilization of the material.

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