Pallet of boxes of 9 coconuts - quantity mini 18 crates
Reference: COCOBIOPAL20
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Pallet of boxes of 9 coconuts - quantity mini 18 crates

Reference: COCOBIOPAL20

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 18.

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Coconuts ORGANIC


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Pallet of boxes of 9 coconuts organic fresh.
Minimum order : 18 parcel 9 cocos

exclusive European

You can find our tips to open your coconuts safely

These coconuts young people of the variety Nam Hom are filled with coconut water and also have the fresh flesh of the coconut.

Coloration light brown nuts of cocos is perfectly normal.

Water coconut after coconut immature is a clear liquid sterile that is found inside coconuts and is loaded minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients various.

There are a lot more coconut water in a fresh coconut in a coconut mature and contains more meat.

Accordingly, in order to favour particularly the coconut water and its unique content in the electrolyte, the coconuts are picked when they are still green and young. Then the green envelope is removed and the fibers that surround the coconut itself are carved in the shape of a diamond as you will receive at home. It is very important to consume the coconut water fresh, right after it has been exposed to the air. In fact, this water is a unique blend of sterile, virgin of any microbial infection, and exposure to the air, or worse, sterilization destroys a lot of the active ingredients of micro nutrition of the coconut. Among these micronutrients include lauric acid (which is found in coconut and in mother's milk), iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, chloride.

The potassium contents of the water of a coconut fresh is two times higher than what you find in bananas which is already extremely rich. That more is what are micronutrients which are directly bio-available and digestible.

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Coconuts fresh organic transported by ship from Thailand.

This product is shipped from a refrigerated warehouse specific separate of the main warehouse, please order nothing other than this palette. Phone number (mobile phone preferably) mandatory for the carrier in your address, the driver will take appointment with you for delivery. Shipping from Marseille.

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Shipping : please choose your department in one of the 8 zones to the "delivery"step.

It is imperative to notify me of this order by sending me separately by e-mail confirmation of your order once you have received the finalized order to the address : eric.biovie @ with as about [HALF a LARGE COCONUT] followed by your order number.



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Temps de Conservation
30 jours au réfrigirateur
Poids Moyen d'1 Coco Fraîche
800 g

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