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Mucilage germination mat - Easygreen Light automatic sprouter

New cellulose germination mat for Easygreen Light automatic sprouter. Essential for mucilaginous seeds or vegetable plants.


Germination mat for mucilaginous seeds or vegetable plants

New generation germination mat! More efficient for growth, more appropriate to the Easygreen sprouter.

These mats specially dedicated to Easygreen Light are made of cellulose, fibers from FSC certified wood. This certification is given to sustainably managed forests (for more information click here).

They are compostable and are single-use only because the roots of the seeds mix intimately with the fibers of the mats, so they cannot be used twice. They make it possible to grow mucilaginous seeds: mustard, arugula, flax, chia, watercress, etc. thanks to their absorption power.

You can also use them with regular seeds, such as unshelled sunflower or unshelled buckwheat. In this case, you can, for example, bring the carpets of young shoots to the table and serve yourself directly on them. Handy!

Thanks to their small size, they also enable to start vegetable seeds in the Easygreen and then to transplant the young shoots in the ground, by simply burying the mats which will eventually deteriorate.

1 mat = 1 Easygreen tray

Sold in batch of 20.

Material: Cellulose (made from FSC certified wood)

Origin: Europe

Dimensions: 60 x 316 mm

Absorbance: 3000cc / m²

Set of 20 rugs

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