Health Vitality Nutrients Fenugreek Seeds
organic fenugreek seed geo germinated
Fenugreek Seed GEO Organic
Fenugreek Seeds 2 packagings 5 kilos or 300 grams
Health Vitality Nutrients Fenugreek Seeds
organic fenugreek seed geo germinated
Fenugreek Seed GEO Organic
Fenugreek Seeds 2 packagings 5 kilos or 300 grams

Organic fenugreek seeds

Organic fenugreek seeds to germinate, in doypack of 300g or bag of 5 kgs

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Organic Fenugreek seeds to germinate

Organic Fenugreek seeds, available in doypack of 300g or bag of 5kgs - Delivery everywhere except Overseas Departments and Territories

Fenugreek is one of our favorite seeds, and one of the easiest to germinate! Well known for its digestive properties, it will pleasantly flavor your dishes with its spicy taste reminiscent of cumin or curry... but not only!

Soaking: 10 hours

Germination: Seeds can be eaten between 2 and 4 days after germination.

Funny anecdote: when you consume it, perspiration is perfumed with a pleasant smell of curry a few hours later.

It is one of the seeds with the most complete properties:

- Real nutritional treasure (rich in A, B, C, D vitamins, proteins, fibers, potassium, iron, alkaloids ...) it acts as an anabolic, improving the assimilation of nutrients and especially proteins. It is therefore the ideal fortifier for people recovering from anemia or suffering from anemia!

- Anti-inflammatory and digestive tonic, traditional Indian medicine has been using it for thousands of years to treat digestive disorders (bloating, gas, diarrhea ...). Its high content of soluble fibers (75%) and polysaccharide also provides a feeling of satiety promoting weight loss.

- It helps to control diabetes. Dr Brian Clement, of the Hippocrates Health Institute, recommends it to lower blood sugar levels and regulate pancreatic secretions. This is because it stimulates the production of insulin, and research on patients with type 2 diabetes has shown a much lower level of sugar in the blood with daily consumption of fenugreek for 24 weeks (source:

- This same study proves that it is an excellent cardiovascular protector: daily consumption significantly lowers the level of cholesterol and triglyceride deposits in the blood. Rich in potassium, it also regulates the sodium level with a hypotensive and cardiac regulating effect.

- Antiviral, it relieves symptoms of colds and sore throats. It reduces phlegm causing coughing, and sometimes fever.

- Rich in antioxidants, it fights free radicals and thus fights against aging of the skin, hair loss, dandruff and any other problem caused by cell damage. Its content of hormone precursors, proteins and nicotinic acid (B3) further promote hair regrowth and the strength of hair follicles. These same an-tioxidants have an anti-cancer action.

- Rich in steroidal saponins and diosgenin - a substance present in particular in yam with estrogen-like properties - it relieves premenstrual syndrome and menopause-related disorders (mood swings, hot flashes).

- It further stimulates libido and sexual performance, and improves fertility.

- Fenugreek is ideal for nursing mothers because it stimulates the production of milk (galactogen). It is also known to induce and facilitate childbirth due to its ability to stimulate uterine contractions and reduce labor pains. Be careful, however, eating too much of it during pregnancy can be harmful.

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