unhulled organic sunflower seed geo germinated
GEO Sunflower Seed To Germinate
Sprouted Sunflower Raw Healthy Diet
unhulled organic sunflower seed geo germinated
GEO Sunflower Seed To Germinate
Sprouted Sunflower Raw Healthy Diet

Organic unpeeled sunflower seeds

Organic unpeeled sunflower seeds to germinate, in doypack of 400g or bag of 5kgs

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Organic unpeeled sunflower to germinate

In doypack of 400 grams or bag of 5 kgs

Sunflowers first appeared in North America, where they were said to have been cultivated by native people. Sprouting further increases the nutritional value of this very complete and balanced food.

Soaking: The seed coat of the sunflower seed being particularly thick, it is preferable to soak the seeds 24 hours before putting them to germinate. In addition, this seed is sensitive to the photoperiod, and germinates properly only from mid-February to mid-November, in our latitudes.

Germination: Young sunflower seed is the seed with the most spectacular success with the Easygreen. In classic germination, it is a delicate oilseed to grow traditionally in young shoots and in dense sowing.

The Easygreen offers the optimum humidity and ventilation conditions for successful unpeeled sunflower. It will give you succulent shoots in 8 to 11 days depending on the temperature.

Some people only grow this shoot in a large tray. For this, prefer a growing substrate such as potting soil: this will allow you to take the trays out of the germinator from the 10th day. At this stage, the seeds are much less sensitive and you can leave the tray out of the germinator to restart a new batch.

His advantages :

• It has an exceptional content of polyunsaturated fatty acids: 22% monounsaturated, 66% polyun-saturated and 12% saturated.

• Sunflower also contains 30% proteins in the form of amino acids (Arginine 7%, Histidine 2.1%, Lysine 4.4%, Methionine, 3.5%, Phenylalanine 4%, Threonine 5.9%, Tryptophan 1.5%).

• Particularly rich in E vitamins, it protects the body against free radicals and the development of diseases linked to aging (cardiovascular, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.)

• It also contains almost all of the B vitamins, as well as the valuable D vitamin.

• Numerous minerals (phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron ...) are also present to ensure a deep and long-lasting energy supply. These minerals also strengthen the immune system.

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