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organic fennel seed geo germinated
organic fennel seed geo germinated

Organic fennel seeds

Organic fennel seeds to germinate, doypack of 150g or bag of 5kgs

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Organic fennel seeds to germinate

Available in doypack of 150g or bag of 5kgs - Delivery everywhere except in French Overseas Departments and Territories

Originally from the Mediterranean basin and now cultivated throughout Europe, fennel has been popular since ancient times for its medicinal properties and its unique aniseed taste. Its active ingredients (anethol, estragol, fenchone) and phyto-estrogens make it a powerful ally of the hormonal system, but also of digestion and circulation. Hippocrates recommended it in case of impaired vision and breastfeeding.

Soaking: 12 hours

Germination: 5 days 

Sprouted fennel seeds are packed with B, C and E vitamins and iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. They are particularly rich in B9 vitamin, a very important nutrient during pregnancy and growth.

They are powerful sources of antioxidants (flavonoids, phyto-estrogens) that fight against aging and oxidative stress, and ensure good cardiovascular health. Particularly rich in potassium, fennel is interesting in case of hypertension.

Their estrogen content helps regulate the female cycle, especially in the absence of menstruation or side effects in menopause. Fennel still promotes lactation for young nursing mothers. Its estrogens also enable to rebalance the hormonal system in case of abundant hair due to an excess of androgens (hirsutism).

Rich in fiber and enzymes, with carminative and antispasmodic properties, fennel sprouted seeds are a superfood to favor in case of bloating, flatulence or colitis. Their active ingredients help prevent the formation of intestinal gases, calm stomach pains and stimulate transit.

Thanks to their polyacetylenes with recognized anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the germinated fennel seeds have anti-microbial and expectorant properties, which are very useful in case of cooling and congestion of the respiratory tract.

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