barley sprouts organic seeds
Seed Germination Organic Barley Grass
barley sprouts organic seeds
Seed Germination Organic Barley Grass

Organic Barley Seeds Special Barley Grass

Organic barley grass seeds to germinate, in doypack of 600g or bag of 5kgs

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Barley seeds from organic farming to germinate

Wheat or barley grass juices are an extraordinary way to revitalize. The top-level athlete, Karine Herry, who is also a doctor, has been 5 times French champion from the 100kms and accumulates victories over the distance of 50kms. In other words, to achieve such performances, she needs, in addition to fantastic physical condition, a particularly studied food intake. "My 8-years race practice to arrive at the international level have caused a procession of classic events related to my regular workouts and long-distance competitions: ENT infections, herpes labialis, episodic mild distur-bances of sleep and memory... The regular intake of barley grass juice, integrated in my diet, not only made disappear all of these disorders but proved to be an indispensable complement to health, and even an asset of performance: in 10 days only, clear effect on the sleep quality, less physical and intellectual fatigue after a month " This testimony is an excerpt from "Belle-Santé" review.

Despite the great richness in nutrients of the wheat and the very good results obtained by Ann Wigmore in her Hippocrate Health Institute with wheat grass juice, a few clarifications are nevertheless needed. Wheat grass juice produces a drink with a very sweet taste, which is not suitable for everyone, both in terms of taste as well as on the biochemical level. In case of candidiasis, the fun-gus is nourished by sweet and sugary food, including sweet wheat grass. The little bitter barley taste, especially when mixed with a juice of carrot for example, is better to many people. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, a Japanese researcher, after lengthy laboratory work, has found that, among 200 different plants having been analyzed, it is the juice of young barley grasses, which provided the largest quantities of active ingredients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and powerful antioxidants. At the state of sprout, the barley does not contain gluten. Wheat and corn are the two cereals, which have been modified by man over the last 2 centuries and, in this quality, they are not suitable for everyone.

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