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1L oleo-calcareous liniment (nappy-rash ointment)

Oleo-calcareous liniment (nappy-rash ointment) with organic and french sunflower oil, 1L handy bottle with pump


Oleo-calcareous liniment (nappy-rash ointment)

Made with French organic sunflower oil, in 1L bottle

The liniment is a preparation based on vegetable oil and limewater (active ingredient: calcium hydroxide), sometimes enriched with beeswax. It is a multi-use fatty product that soothes redness and irritation. It has been used for decades by many parents.

Our liniment, made in France, is composed of organic vegetable oil (plants grown in France) and calcium carbonate.

It is used for baby changing, for makeup removal, to protect sensitive skin as well as to soothe all daily irritations.

Apply to a washable wipe and then apply to the skin, without rinsing.

The oleo-calcareous liniment is a natural ancestral product composed of 50% olive oil and 50% limewater: a simple formula, unchanged for millennia.

Economical, the liniment replaces multiple hygiene and cosmetic products. Ideal for baby skin... it is also for the one of the grown-ups and will perfectly replace make-up remover, moisturizer, body milk, after sun care... Its uses are multiple and its efficiency impressive! No more stripping chemicals and irritating synthetic fragrances.

- For the little ones:

When changing the baby's diaper, the oleo-calcareous liniment acts as a cleaner to effectively remove urine and stool residues. Natural antiseptic, it cleanses AND moisturizes, thus replacing the cleansing water and the diaper cream for the buttocks.

It is also perfect for washing children when they wake up or after a meal. The liniment also works on cradle caps that may appear on the infant's skull.

- For grown-ups:

The liniment is an ideal make-up remover and facial cleanser, suitable for the most sensitive skin. It removes impurities and pollution, and also acts as a moisturizing and soothing treatment for the face and body.

Ideal for irritations, dry eczema, couperose or sunburn, it gently nourishes dry and reactive skin. It can be used as a day cream, instead of shower or after-shower milk, as a substitute for a cream or oil. Its formula will however be too rich for daily use on combination to oily skin.

Young moms will especially appreciate this formula to calm irritation and nipple cracks due to breastfeeding.

- For leather, skai and imitation leather:

The liniment is also a great stain remover for your sofas, shoes, bags and clothes... 


Shake before use to mix the two components well.

- For baby's buttocks: put a little quantity of liniment on a cotton pad or reusable wipe and apply to the baby's skin to remove traces of urine and stool. Once the skin is clean, repeat to apply a protective moisturizing film.

- For craddle caps: massage a little quantity of liniment directly onto the skull a few hours before bathing. Rinse and gently remove the craddle caps

- Removing make-up: apply with a cotton pad or reusable wipe and repeat until it is clean. Rinse the face with floral water or with the help of a natural tonic - for example, isotonic marine plasma - in order to restore its natural pH.

- As a face and body moisturizer: apply directly with your fingertips. 

- As a leather cleaner: put a few drops on a tea towel and pat the material. Rinse with clean water. Tasks will leave easily! 

By referencing the castor oil, we also have chosen to take the organic oleo-calcareous liniment based on Breton sunflower oil that complements our clays in our mini range of essential family cosmetics. Parents of six children, this is a product that we have used very widely since birth and still use.

What seduced us at Anaé® is its economical packaging with a push spout.

Anaé® is a young brand of products and accessories dedicated to natural beauty and hygiene.

Committed to a global approach of ecodesign, Anaé® makes the rigorous choice of products that are really useful in everyday life, simple in their composition and multi-uses, customizable and adapted to all budgets so that the use of ecological products is an accessible action to the greatest number.

Anaé® supports organic farming by promoting, as much as possible, the use of plant ingredients from organic crops. All ingredients and raw materials have been chosen in a logic of respect for the planet and the people who contribute to these products.

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