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Raw Cuisine - Irena Banas
Raw Cuisine - Irena Banas

Raw Cuisine of Irèna Banas

Raw Kitchen


We only offer a selection of selected books on our shop. Irèna's book is part of this selection and we are very happy to see that living food is being democratized through a mainstream media like Marie Claire.

This book is simple, pleasant, the recipes are easy to develop and the book is offered at a very affordable price. We are collaborating in 2021 with Irèna on a joint project that we will tell you about soon on our newsletter. Irena is a chef specialized in live vegetable food, aromatologist, magnetizer and Druidess, Irena is committed to democratizing healthy food and health.

Discover his raw and vegan recipes full of color and energy ! 

Did you know that digestion is one of the biggest energy users ?
When we eat raw, we digest much faster, which greatly increases our energy level (which tends to drop with our current lifestyle). 
!  The living diet, called raw or "rawfood", consists of eating in abundance fruits and vegetables, oilseeds (nuts, almonds, hazelnuts...), sprouted seeds, without ever cooking them-since cooking above 42°C deteriorates enzymes and vitamins. The benefits of raw cooking are therefore very numerous.!  The healthy, gourmet and inventive recipes proposed in this book prove that you can enjoy every meal by eating raw !
On the program :
Juices, smoothies, starters, salads, vegetable drinks, desserts…

Irena Banas
Raw and vegan chef, Irèna Banas likes to experiment, innovate, surprise. She is committed to democratizing healthy cuisine by making it simple and gourmet.  

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