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15ML Stimulation Blend

Blends of 100% natural and 100% pure essential oils from organic farming. 

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Essential oils : 15ML Stimulation Blend

Blends of 100% natural and 100% pure essential oils from organic farming. The "stimulation" blend is useful in case of physical and nervous fatigue, exhaustion, but also epidemic situation, respiratory infection and cough.

External and olfactory use.

This blend can be used pure or diluted with vegetable oil depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Apply to the back of the neck, lower back, wrists, solar plexus, ankles and arch of the feet.

Repeat up to 3 times a day.

To learn more about the blends of organic essential oils in partnership with the Guény family, watch the video below: 

The "stimulation" blend is useful in case of physical and nervous fatigue, exhaustion, but also epidemic situation, respiratory infection and cough. Because a tired organism is more prone to infections, the blend will stimulate the immune system and strengthen its defense mechanisms!

Its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and purifying action (cinnamon, tea tree, ravintsara) is enhanced by plants with respiratory tropism (thyme, Scots pine) to cleanse the pulmonary sphere, promote the expulsion of mucus and tone the cardiovascular system.

The tonic effects of ginger, mint, lemon and black spruce oils help to strengthen the liver and revive the adrenal glands in order to regain hormonal and nervous balance. Hypertensive and "cortisone-like" action.

Composition of ORGANIC essential oils of:

Scots pine (CAS: 8023-99-2) 

Lemon (CAS: 8008-56-8)

Ravintsara (CAS: 92201-50-8)

Raw spearmint (CAS: 8008-79-5)

Thyme to thymol (CAS: 8007-46-3)

Black spruce (CAS: 8008-80-8)

Ginger (CAS: 8007-08-7)

Tea tree (CAS: 68647-73-4)

Cinnamon leafy twigs (CAS: 8007-80-5)

Instinct Aromatique is a family company whose members are passionate about well-being and natural health. Mother of 3 boys and passionate user of essential oils, Véronique Guény wanted the best for her children and naturally turned to the power of plants. In collaboration with the aromatherapists of the Rosier Davenne laboratories in Avignon, she has designed high-quality organic essential oil complexes.

A blend is a mixture of essential oils: a new product with different or even tenfold properties. Combined, their properties are better and more effective! The plants give you their full potential.

The ingredients from first quality come from organic farming, labeled by Ecocert beforehand, in the Rosier Davenne laboratories then, in order to respond to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach, the bottling is done by the ESAT (institution and help service for work, which enables people with disabilities to work in decent conditions) of Kerchène Le Fourniller, unit of Bollène. The blends have been sublimated by a nose to obtain a product, which is as pure as subtle.

To learn more about Rosier Davenne laboratoires, watch the video below:

The oils are packaged in MIRON bottles to better preserve and improve the quality of your essential oils without using artificial preservatives. Indeed, the purple glass bottles of Miron protect the biophotonic activity. To learn more, click HERE.

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