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Seaweed salad fuji spaghetti BRETALG
Seaweed salad fuji spaghetti BRETALG

Fresh organic sea beans Fuji salad

Fresh sea beans Fuji salad, with soy and sesame seasoning, 500g

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Fuji salad of fresh organic sea beans seaweed

and its Asian vinaigrette sauce

The raw and organic Fuji salad is the meeting between hand-picked Breton sea beans and the Japanese flavours of soy and sesame.

Ready-to-eat salad, perfectly dressed, for the raw-eaters in a hurry or who don't have the ingredients within easy reach. The fresh sea beans are already desalted and rinsed, then mixed with the sauce, this explains their shorter shelf life (1 month).

The Asian flavours of soy sauce and sesame blend perfectly with the iodic taste of the algae. A touch of Espelette pepper comes to spice the whole for an original and typical salad.

It offers a variety of possibilities according to your desires: as a starter, to accompany a salad, as a condiment for pre-dinner.

Association-wise, it matches very well with other vegetables, in salad or alone.

Ingredients: organic seaweed (sea bean*), brown sugar*, apple cider vinegar*, soy sauce*, sesame oil*, ginger*, sesame seeds*, Espelette pepper*

*from organic farming

Shelf life: 1 month in the refrigerator. Sea beans tolerate well the freezing.
Vacuum-packed package.

The sea spaghetti is also called sea bean because of its colour and texture likeness once it is cooked. It has an exceptional, very iodic taste. Its benefits: 

  • 4 times more C vitamin than in an orange.
  • 3 times more fibers than in an apple.
  • As all algae, it is rich in calcium, magnesium, iodine, sodium, manganese, omega 3.
  • It contributes to the body detoxification and protection, especially thanks to its richness in anti-oxidant fucanes.

Nutritional values:

Caloric value: 157 kcal / 615 kJ
Fats: 14g
Saturated fats: 2.0g
Carbohydrates: 5.5g
Sugar: 0.9g
Proteins: 2.3g
Salt: 2.3g

The sea spaghettis are harvested, collected and transformed in Brittany.

To know more about our algae and where they come from, watch our two reports filmed in Roscoff in Finistère (Brittany), at our partner Bret'alg, pioneer of fresh organic Breton algae. True to our values of transparency and integrity, we wanted to show you in video all this sector from the harvest to your plates.

The algae shipment is carried out in just-in-time production, sometimes a few extra days are necessary to process your order, depending on the day we get new fresh supplies. The algae support easily several days of travel outside the fridge, even during periods of hot weather, thanks to their packaging in salt bath.

You will receive an email on the day of departure of your package, then your tracking number the next day.

The algae can slightly give some water back during the transportation despite a double-wrapping zip. This rarely happens, but if your carton arrives wet, it is not a major problem, please accept your package and contact me by email to take stock of it. In 10 years we have always found amicable agreements, but the refusal of fresh goods means that the goods are lost and we want to prevent these cases.

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