fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size
fresh raw seaweed tartar large size

Fresh seaweed tartar

Fresh seaweed tartar in jar of 1kg


Fresh seaweed tartar in direct harvesting, in packaging of 1 kg

The benefits of the ocean directly at home!

In partnership with Bret'Alg, we are pleased to offer you a fresh unpasteurized seaweed tartar, a real delight.

We make our own tartar for many years, people regularly asked us for ready-to-eat tartar, well here it is!

We work in just-in-time production between the harvest in Brittany, the preparation and the shipment in order to guarantee you an optimal freshness. The tartar can be preserved 3 months in the refrigerator. The jars are just sealed without pasteurization or other intervention. Once opened, if you use clean cutlery to serve you, it will keep for a long time. For legal reasons, we must nevertheless indicate to consume it 5 days after opening.

15 years of personal consumption of seaweed tartar on a daily basis allow us to tell you that we have never "waste" tartar as long as it remains in the fridge.

Unbeatable price in France, reduced oil content compared to tartars that are usually found on the market where oil is often the first ingredient. In our tartar, seaweed is the first ingredient.

Preparation based on fresh and dehydrated sea vegetables, pickles, capers and chopped onions. Seasoning with olive oil and walnut oil.

Ingredients: seaweeds (sea lettuce, dulse, royal kombu), pickles, olive oil, onions, capers, walnut oil, salt, vinegar, pepper, garlic, mustard seeds, natural tarragon flavor.

The tartar can be frozen, freezing it does not alter its taste or nutritional properties, the fibers are slightly tenderized and it is a little less "firm".

Seaweed tartar enables you to consume seaweeds every day and enjoy all their benefits while making you happy. If you enjoy it, you may want to make it yourself at home by ordering our fresh seaweeds afterwards?

The seaweed tartar is the assurance of benefiting from a great abundance of easily digested proteins, a whole palette of nutrients and micro nutrients on a daily basis. Our personal observation leads us to say that seaweed tartar is a great help for people who want to reduce their consumption of dairy products.

Roscoff seaweeds direct industry in Brittany

We have organized the shortest supply chain possible with our producer between the harvest, the preparation and the shipping, in pre-orders for the time being.

To learn more about our seaweeds and where they come from, watch our two reports filmed in Roscoff in Finistère, at Bret'Alg, our partner, pioneer of fresh organic Breton algae. True to our values of transparency and integrity, we wanted to show you in video this whole process, from the harvest to your plates.

To guarantee the best freshness, we only deliver seaweed tartar in fast delivery, no delivery in pick-up point.
Direct freshness industry.

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