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Mix Low Temperature Dried Seaweed nori dulse
Mix Low Temperature Dried Seaweed nori dulse
Mix Low Temperature Dried Seaweed nori dulse
Mix Low Temperature Dried Seaweed nori dulse

Dehydrated Gourmet mix (sea lettuce, dulse, nori)

Gourmet mix: seaweeds flakes dehydrated at low temperature 

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Gourmet mix of seaweeds (Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Nori), in flakes, in packaging of 150g.

Gourmet mix of seaweeds (Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Nori) dehydrated at low temperature in 150g.


In partnership with Bret'alg, these wild algae in flakes, certified by Ecocert, are picked by hand and dried at low temperature (40° C) at our exclusive request in order to preserve all their benefits. Use them in replacement of herbs to season your main dishes, salads and sauces, or add them in your juices and smoothies for a concentrate of energy!

The Gourmet mix is the perfect balance to take advantage of the wild algae properties: the soft hazelnut taste of the dulse and the slightly smoked taste of the nori goes perfectly with the more full-bodied flavor of sea lettuce. These three superfoods work synergistically to give you the rematerializing power of the sea, in the service of your immunity.

Known as "natural antibiotic", the dulse is particularly rich in C vitamin and iron. The nori, for its part, has an exceptional benefit in proteins and essential fatty acids, and sea lettuce is full of magnesium and chlorophyll. Their content of group B vitamins, manganese, copper and zinc takes care of your cardio-vascular, digestive and nervous well-being.

Particularly rich in anti-oxidants, this mix of algae enhances your recipes while enabling your body to feed on minerals, trace elements in quantity, micronutrients and plants proteins, while oxygenating and detoxifying itself gently.

To know more about our algae and where they come from, watch our two reports filmed in Roscoff in Finistère (Brittany), at our partner Bret'alg, pioneer of fresh organic Breton algae. True to our values of transparency and integrity, we wanted to show you in video all this sector from the harvest to your plates.

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