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Organic Hawthorn Pollen

Fresh frozen hawthorn pollen, package of 250g

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Frozen after harvest


Pollens from Pollenergie are of exceptional quality because they are fresh, frozen and stored vacuum. So, they remain fully effective.

Hawthorn pollen, preserved in the fresh state, is the richest pollen in plant-based proteins. It contains all of the essential amino acids for our body and therefore makes it an ally for vegetarians and vegans. It is particularly suitable for maintaining yourself, fighting against feelings of hunger and food imbalance.

The ideal is to consume a tablespoon of it every morning, in your yogurt, smoothie or toast.

Health benefits

Rich in IRON : this trace element is part of the composition of hemoglobin in red blood cells, myoglobin in muscles, and many enzymatic reactions necessary for cell respiration. It helps in the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Hawthorn pollen helps limit the excessive consumption of unhealthy meat, while providing the body with proteins and all the essential amino acids necessary for the renewal of muscle tissue and bone matrix. It also compensates for the limited intake of certain amino acids in vegetarian diets.

Hawthorn pollen is naturally rich in B2 & B1 vitamins which contributes to the reduction of fatigue and a normal energy metabolism.

Also recommended in the recovery phase for professional or amateur athletes.

Like other types of pollen, it also contains polyphenols, carotenoids and lactoferments which contribute to the regulation of intestinal function, natural defenses and protect against oxidation.


Organic hawthorn pollen (Crataegus sp.) in majority. Minority of other pollens from the surrounding flora. Without coloring or preservative.

Packaging: tub in a protective atmosphere. 250 g.

Origin: European Union.

France 5 Channel Video about Pollen

Frozen pollen delivery

A patented process allows the pollen to travel for 7 days outside of the freezer, nevertheless it needs to be put in the freezer when received and to put in the fridge a small quantity for several days.

It is stored frozen in our site.

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