rockrose pollen smoothie
cistus pollen frozen package
rockrose pollen smoothie
cistus pollen and cancer
rockrose pollen smoothie
cistus pollen frozen package
rockrose pollen smoothie
cistus pollen and cancer

Organic Cistus Pollen

frozen cistus pollen, package of 250g

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Frozen after harvest


I personally use cistus pollen from Pollenergie since the beginning of 2000s, at this time the brand was called Percie du Sert, it has become « Pollenergie » today.

These pollens are from exceptionnal quality because they are fresh, frozen and stored vacuum. So, they are fully effective.

Cistus pollen, preserved in fresh state, is the richer pollen in lactoferments coming from the alimentary canal of the bee. The micro-nutrients in this pollen make it a wonderful ally to restore our balance and to be prepared for times of high physical and intellectual requests.

Health benefits


Cistus pollen is naturally rich in B2 and B3 vitamins, which contribute to the support of normal mucous membranes. 60 to 70% of the immune system is localised around the intestines. Therefore, the improvement of the digestive system generates an improvement of natural defenses.

Cistus pollen is naturally rich in B9 vitamin and a source of B6 vitamin, iron, zinc, selenium, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.


Cistus pollen is naturally rich in B2 vitamin, which contributes to fatigue decrease and to a normal energetic metabolism.

In case of persisting fatigue and/or intestines disorders. Also recommended in preliminary phase for professional athletes or amateurs.


Cistus pollen (Cistus sp.) in the majority. A minority of other pollens from the surrounding flora. Without colorants and preservatives.

Packaging: tub in protective atmosphere. 250g.

Origin: European Union.

Informative Video about Cistus Pollen

Frozen pollen delivery

A patented process allows the pollen to travel for 7 days outside of the freezer, nevertheless it needs to be put in the freezer when received and to put in the fridge a small quantity for several days.

It is stored frozen in our site.

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