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Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic cold castor oil range
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic virgin castor oil 1L
Organic cold castor oil range

1L organic virgin castor oil

1L virgin cold-pressed, organic farming certified castor oil 


Organic farming virgin castor oil

Organic castor oil comes from a first cold pressing of the castor seeds. It is the most respectful and natural process to extract oil from a seed, while maintaining its properties.
Castor oil is especially recommended to fortify and nourish nails, eyelashes and hair.
Known for millennia for its various benefits against everyday ailments, castor oil is a must in your cupboards and its 1L bottle format enables you to always have it at your disposal.

The castor plant comes from India and Egypt, it was first known as "the palm of the Christ" because its leaves look like hands and it has many small miracles. Throughout history it has been used as makeup remover, laxative, anti-osteoarthritis or as fuel for oil lamps!

Internally as a purgative (find our blog post on the subject of the purgative effect of castor oil): caution, castor oil has laxative properties and can be dangerous in high doses. Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional before any internal use. In France, it is sold only for cosmetic use. It was a grandmother's remedy at the beginning of the century, like this episode of Tom Sawyer popularized it :

Its properties:

• Castor oil is a bit of a "do-it-all" oil, which will help you in a multitude of care. It is composed of more than 80% ricinoleic acid,
E vitamin and its action is confirmed by
 millennia of use.

Softening, repairing and nourishing, it also slows the proliferation of bacteria and microbes. It is ideal for feeding dry feet and hands.

Makeup remover: its thick texture removes all traces of makeup. Use it pure on a washable cotton pad, then massage the excess onto your face to intensely nourish your skin. You can also mix it with a more liquid oil, such as sweet almond oil, to make it easier to apply.

A few drops in a tube of mascara to strengthen your eyelashes daily.

• It stimulates growth and strenghtens weakened hair. For many, it boosts the volume thanks to its densifying effect and is, therefore, suitable for all types of hair, from the thinnest to the most frizzy. To do so, use it in an oil bath (to be rinsed afterwards) and/or by massaging your scalp.
All of this applies to eyebrows and beards too!

• Massage each of your nails every night with a few drops of oil to strengthen them and reduce breakage.

Stomach ache, joint pain? Apply castor oil as a poultice with a clean cloth to soothe pains, especially those related to osteoarthritis. Its action is enhanced with heat, do not hesitate to supplement with a hot water bottle to relieve monthly cramps for example. Be careful though, it can stain clothes.

• Also useful to decrease the cough of children, an old remedy advises to give them a massage with this oil and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Castor oil will activate the circulation of the lymph and strengthen the immune system.

Castor seeds are grown according to organic standards and then pressed to extract a virgin oil. The absence of any heat treatment enable to preserve all the initial properties of the product, so no components are altered. Cold pressing also does not require a solvent or chemical, ensuring a perfect naturalness of castor oil.

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