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Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
organic mangoes
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
organic mangoes
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
Organic giant mangoes from Spain | Rufino Andalousie

Organic giant Keitt mangoes from Spain per 6 to 7 kilos

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Organic mangoes Keitt variety from Spain (Malaga) - per case from 6.5 to 7.3 kg depending on the fruit. 6 fruits per case on average.

Available in summer / fall only

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ORGANIC KEITT GIANT MANGOES OPERATION - RUFINO - 6.5 to 7.3 kilos the box of 6 fruits

Origin Spain


DEPARTURE DECEMBER 1, 2021: For a few years now, we have been buying from time to time a fruit pallet directly from Rufino, a raw food lover and producer passionate about tropical fruits in Malaga, Spain. Rufino is a real character, all year round he makes us drool over by sending us on WhatsApp pictures of his trees planted in the plain and on the mountainside and also pictures of the wonderful fruits he harvests.

We tested this other variety of mangoes and they are so delicious that we decided with Aurélie to set up the logistics to be able to offer them to you in presale until Tuesday, November 30 at 6 p.m.

Keitt variety mangoes, large fruits particularly appreciated for their low fiber content. The fruits are picked when ripe but will arrive firm to facilitate their transport, they should be left for a few days at room temperature and eaten when they are softer.

Its properties:

1) Mango helps prevent cancer

Mango contains many antioxidants playing a role against cancer. Thus, its high content of polyphenols makes it possible to fight free radicals and protect the body cells from the damage they could cause. This prevents certain cancers, including breast and colon cancer.

Other antioxidants found in the fruit, such as C vitamin, also help fighting the development of several cancers, such as prostate cancer, by countering the growth of cancer cells. Another of its components, pectin, also participates in the fight against the development of prostate cancer.

Its high content of flavonoids helps prevent the occurrence of lung cancers.

2) Mango is good for eye health

Mango is particularly rich in vitamin A, a vitamin that is very beneficial for our eyes. One cup of mango slices equals about 30% of our daily vitamin A requirement ! It helps to maintain good eyesight and avoid having dry eyes.

It also contains zeaxanthin and lutein, two antioxidants that help filter out bad UV rays to protect the eyes from the harmful action of the sun.

Thanks to all this, mango therefore helps prevent age-related macular degeneration.

3) Mango helps regulate blood pressure

Mango also has a very beneficial effect on blood pressure. This is because the potassium and magnesium it contains help regulate the heart rate and keep blood pressure at normal levels. It can therefore help those with hypertension to lower their blood pressure.

4) It reduces cholesterol

This is another reason why mango is very good for the heart ! Its fiber, C vitamin and pectin help reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

5) It helps fight diabetes

Mango leaves are very effective in regulating the level of insulin in the blood. For this, boil about ten mango leaves and let it rest overnight. In the morning, strain the mixture and drink the resulting drink before breakfast. Repeat regularly.

As for mangoes as such, it has long been believed that they can not be consumed by people with diabetes, otherwise their sugar levels will increase. But that's wrong. Indeed, although it has a very sweet taste, mango has a low glycemic index. This is around 50, and consumption of mango therefore has no effect on blood sugar levels.

6) Mango makes the skin young and beautiful

Thanks to the A and C vitamin it contains, mango participates in the production of collagen. By protecting blood vessels and keeping body tissues healthy, collagen helps the skin stay firm, slowing its aging.

In addition, mango helps protect the skin from UV rays, which also participate in its aging.

7) Mango helps fight acne

In addition to fighting skin aging, mango also helps to deeply cleanse the face, and therefore to fight acne. For this, you need to make yourself a mask with mango: cut slices from it and apply them to your face for 10-15 minutes, before rinsing. The pulp of the mango will help to open clogged pores and unclog them. It is these pores that cause acne!

8) Mango is good for the brain

This is due to its high content of B6 vitamin. This vitamin helps keep neurotransmitters healthy, so that they always work just as well. But it goes further: in addition to preserving our cognitive functions, it also helps to improve them.

So, not only is mango beneficial for memory, but it also helps to improve concentration. In addition, B6 vitamin helps decrease the risk of dementia in the elderly.

9) Mango improves digestion

On the one hand, the soluble fiber found in its composition helps facilitate food digestion and elimination. On the other hand, it contains digestive enzymes, which help digest proteins by participating in their decomposition.

As a result, mango is a very good ally against constipation, indigestion, excess acidity and hemorrhoids. 

10) Mango strengthens the immune system

Thanks to its content of A and C vitamins and beta-carotene, mango helps protect our body from free radicals. In addition, its action on the digestive system also helps avoiding diseases, since many of them are related to a malfunction or poor health of our digestive system.

11) Mango helps to lose weight

Make no mistake: mango is sweet, but it is low in calories!

12) Mango is effective against anemia

Very rich in iron, mango helps fight anemia and reduce fatigue. It is therefore recommended for people who are exposed to iron deficiencies, such as pregnant women and women in the postmenopausal period.

Malaga direct industry

We can not do more direct from this producer of Andalusia in Malaga!

The packaging is a box of 6,6 to 7,3 kilos, all carriers can be chosen, we have discarded the deposits in pick-up points.

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J'ai adoré ces mangues: sucrées, parfumées, un vrai délice!


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