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whole Tiger Nut 1 kg
how to make Tiger Nut milk
how to eat yellow nutsedge
tigernuts okara
whole Tiger Nut 1 kg
how to make Tiger Nut milk
how to eat yellow nutsedge
tigernuts okara

Organic fairtrade whole tigernuts

1kg of organic whole tigernuts


Tigernut from organic and fairtrade farming in partnership with Tigernuts Traders

This thousand-year-old tuber, also known as the “tiger-stripped nut”, has been appreciated for centuries for its nutritional and medicinal qualities. It is the fruit of the perennial rhizomatous herbaceous plant called "Chufa" (Cyperus esculentus). We were already crazy about it in Ancient Egypt! Currently very popular in sub-Saharan Africa and Spain, its inimitable naturally sweet taste and crunchy and fleshy texture are reminiscent of coconut.

Tigernuts are eaten as they are, as a bite to eat like a dried fruit, or as a natural sweetener for your compotes and desserts. Reduced to flour, it will perfectly replace nuts and cereals in your pastries, porridges or pie bases. It also makes it possible to prepare extremely easily and at a lower cost an organic vegetable drink of much better nutritional quality than a commercial vegetable drink in brick and pasteurized, and much more nutritious than cow's milk. If you consume a vegetable drink, look on the label for the amount of food per liter, you will certainly have surprises!

Biovie has chosen to import this whole organic tigernut because it is in this form that it retains the maximum of its nutritional properties and that it keeps best. It comes from Nigerian fair trade in partnership with Tigernuts Traders.

The vacuum-packed package can be kept for 30 months in a cool, dry place, and 9 months once the package is opened.

Its properties:

• Tigernuts offer a delicious alternative to gluten-free, grain-free diets, low-carb diets or nut aller-gies. It is the perfect substitute for carbohydrates! Its strong satiating power and its sweet taste will perfectly satisfy the small hunger pangs, without creating a blood sugar spike.

• It is a better source of omega 9 than olive oil! It is also full of C, E vitamins and anti-oxidants (rutin) to fight against free radicals, to the point that the cosmetics industry is interested!

• Alkalizing, remineralizing and energizing, tigernut is richer in potassium than bananas, which makes it a good blood pressure regulator and muscle protector. It also stimulates the absorption of calcium.

• It contains many amino acids, especially arginine, which protects blood flow and fights cramps and headaches.

• Rich in insoluble fibers (33%, much more than oats, carrots or dates), it nourishes the good bacteria in the body and reduces the risk of colon cancer. This fiber, its low glycemic index and its B8 vita-min (biotin) content are of great help in cases of diabetes or hypertension. They ensure good carbohydrate metabolism and help reduce blood sugar levels after a rich meal.

• Tigernuts are recommended for intestinal disorders (flatulence, diarrhea, constipation) because of the digestive enzymes it contains (amylase, lipase and catalase). These enzymes help to break down food into nutrients and contribute to their good intestinal assimilation, thus preventing intestinal fermentation. It is also an anti-bacterial, particularly useful in the prevention of uterine fibroids.

• It is a “survival food”: according to the German biologist and chemist Walter Scharz, 30g of tigernuts every day would be enough to cover our basic nutritional needs!

• Tigernuts are an aphrodisiac: its quercetin and zinc content increases the level of testosterone in men and estrogen in women, with an impact on tone and blood circulation as well as on the quality of fluids.

Exclusively in France, Biovie has chosen to work in partnership with Tigernuts Traders company, which has been importing tigernuts for 20 years in fair trade from Niger.

Here is the story of the "fairtrade organic tigernuts" project:

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